Thursday 17 February 2022

The Best Dupes For Those Valentino Platform Pumps


I am never not thinking about shoes. Yes, I'm that girl. We all have that one thing in fashion that we obsess over; my thing just happens to be shoes. You will never find me not being drawn into a shoe shop for no apparent reason other than to absolutely fawn over shoes I probably do not need - especially when they are designer shoes because let's be real, they're the best ones. 

So of course, when Valentino decided to revive the platform heel in what I would consider the classiest way, I was immediately hooked. I have been day dreaming about the Tan-Go Platform Pumps ever since I saw them. No really, I've seen them everywhere on Instagram and I bring them up at least every other day to my Mum like I've not already told her about them. (Yes, she is consistently sick of me, but she's stuck with me so...) 

And apparently I am not the only one obsessed with these shoes. They are all sold out on Valentino's website and I would place bets that they are sold out everywhere else as well. So what's a girl to do when she can't buy the designer original? She finds a dupe. And here ladies and gents is where I live to serve you as I have found the perfect dupes for the Valentino platform pump. 

You may think that this is a trend shoe, one only for the moment, but I would beg to differ. Platform pumps have always been there, it's just right now they are on acid because they are coming from one of the biggest, most iconic fashion houses. Investing in a pair of platforms may be one of the best things you could do for your wardrobe and also for your feet. Platforms are comfier than most stilettos. I've had a pair of platforms that I've worn to death (and need to get replaced) because of how good they feel and look. So with this trend being so hot right now, why not jump on it? It's more classic than you think. 

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So what are your thoughts on the trend? Yay or nay? Are you buying into it because I know I certainly am!

Sending you lots of love, 

Emily xx


  1. It really surprised me, please pay attention to quality assurance and failure when choosing.

  2. It really surprised me, please pay attention to quality assurance and failure when choosing


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