Monday 3 June 2019


My first pair of designer shoes. From the only place I ever wanted my first pair of designer shoes to come from. Christian Louboutin. 

Yes. A dream came true. 

Since I purchased these shoes in July 2017, I have got multiple messages about what they are like in terms of fit, comfort and style. So I thought, since people are still asking and I'm basically repeating myself, I'd write it all down on the blog for you. 

A true review.

This means I'm going to be totally honest and upfront with you about the purchase and I'm happy to do so because if I can help you make a decision about a future purchase, maybe ease your mind a little bit, then of course I will. 

So here goes, my true review. 

Purchase date: July 2017
Place of purchase: Selfridges, Oxford Street
Reason: University Graduation
Price: £495.00

The Back Story: 

I did not buy these off the cuff. No sir, I did my research and trial runs. Because investing in Louboutins is an investment for life and you do not take those lightly. I always knew that when it came to graduating from university, I wanted a good pair of shoes. Why? Because that's all you see when you're wearing the cap and gown. So what better compliments that than some red bottoms? Nothing. Therefore it was always going to be a pair from Christian Louboutin. It was like a right of passage. 

I was 21 when I bought them and I'm glad I waited that long. Firstly because I had a proper reason for purchasing them and second, I was old enough. Now I know that sounds a bit stupid, but I'd rather have them at 21 and know the value of them then buy them at 16, scuff them up and just completely forget their worth. No, that's not Emily. I'm rather responsible when it comes to these things. I waited it out and it was completely worth it. Now I treat them like my child, my pride and joy. 

Why the Irizas?

Okay, so I've got wide feet and Louboutin is known for their slender designs. The great thing about the Iriza is the have an open inner side, giving your foot some breathing room, whilst also having a classic silhouette. A sharp pointed toe, black patent leather and a pin-thin stiletto heel. They are both classy and sexy at the same time. It was a no brainer. 

When I initially went to the Louboutin outlet in Selfridges a good 9 months before purchase, I tried on a few classic styles. I was always going to buy a classic style, that's the way I am. They all looked good but didn't fit me as comfortably as the Iriza. Once I had them on in-store, I proceeded to walk around to get the feel of them. I proceeded to do this during all my other 3 visits. Yes, I went to Louboutin at Selfridges 4 times before I bought the shoes. 

I was initially going to go for a nude pair because hello, nude. But once I tried the black on, I knew that was the one. Before nude was my colour, black was. I think it's my mother's influence. But I'm glad I went with a staple black pair to begin with because they are more versatile and classic. 

Cinderella Fit?

In terms of the fit, I sized up by half. I'm a UK 7, so I purchased a EU 40.5. The reason being so that my foot was completely in the shoe (wide feet probs) and I was comfortable with enough room. Going half a size up was the best option. The shoes fit me like a glove this way - I don't feel like my foot it going to slip out, my toes are not squashed in, everything sits comfortably. 

Towering Height?

The 100mm is something I'm actually rather used to. It's the pin-thin heel that was the trickier part. I like to thank my mum for passing down the walking in heels genetic but also for coaching me through walking in the Iriza. I kid you not, after buying them, I walked around my house in them up until my graduation, which was merely a few days away. 

I walked up and down our living room, just to get comfortable because the last thing I needed was to fall whilst getting my degree. Now, although I can wear heels and walk comfortably, I'm clumsy. I literally fell up the stairs one day in high school and I will never know how that happened. Therefore my ultimate, biggest fear was to fall flat on my face walking across the stage to get my degree. So I practiced and practiced hard. 

So if you're comfortable in heels, you should be okay in the 100mm. If not you can go for the 70mm or you can practice your ass off. It's all about your confidence in heels. 

Comfort is Key!

I will tell you this now honestly, if you do not feel comfortable when you put these on in trial runs, do not purchase them. Do not force your feet, your back or anything into them just because you want a pair. Comfort in heels, more than anything, is so important. Make sure that your foot fits in there like Cinderella and her glass slipper. If it doesn't, then that's not the shoe for you. 

As I said before, Louboutins have more of a slender designer and so not all styles will suit a wide foot. If you've got a slim foot span, then you are lucky. Even so, wide or slim, you must be comfortable. 

When I wear my Irizas, I'm comfortable. My foot has enough room, I am confident with the heel, the ball of my foot surprisingly isn't as in pain after as I expected. I've worn them a handful of times since my graduation (not as much as I would like because I don't bring them to Sri Lanka because the heat will spoil them). Each time, I've gotten more comfortable as the shoe moulds to my foot and gets some wear in them. 

Sometimes I even wear them around the house in my pjs, just because I love them that much. I keep them in the box as well, so they are safe and I sometimes just open the box and admire them. Basically I'm a loser, I'm a shoeaholic and I'm not sorry. 

The Final Look

Honestly, they are the nicest shoes on my feet. I could just be saying this, but they do look good. The sharp pointed toe could cut through ice, there's the slightest bit of toe cleavage, the inner side cut out frames your foot in a beautiful way and the heel, oh the heel. 

They are a gorgeous classic staple for your designer wardrobe and if you're in the market for a pair of Louboutins, I would definitely recommend them. But of course, I'll say this a million times - it all depends on how you feel! And make sure you check off everything on the list - the style, the fit, the height, the comfort. If you check all four of these of with a big green tick, then it's for you. If even one tick is a big red cross, then rethink. Take you time with a big purchase like this. It's quite a bit of money (but not as much as some of the designer pieces I've seen lately), so it's a major investment. 

Have a reason for them. Make sure you have saved up for them and aren't just spending a single paycheck. Be smart in making the decision. And do this not just with shoes, but all designer purchases it. It's better to wait and make a good purchase than regretting an impulse buy. 

Are you thinking of investing in Christian Louboutin? Or another dream designer shoe? I'd love to know where your heads are at in terms of next designer purchase. I personally think my next shoes have to come from Manolo Blahnik because Carrie Bradshaw. Also, I quite enjoyed this True Review and will hopefully do it again at some point. I hope this was helpful and if anyone else has any other questions, feel free to reach out!

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx



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  2. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck. christian singles

  3. Thanks, that was a really cool read! true story

  4. And I thought I was the only one who opens the box just to admire them. Thinking of getting the Iriza in nude nappa. Thanks for this review.

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  7. Great review! I'm on my 3rd pair and I've still never gotten over the very first day I wore my very first pair to an event and came home only to take them off and discover the bottoms utterly shredded. Cue frantic phone call and me dropping a few choice words on the customer service lady from Louboutin. *sigh* I still feel bad about my language but nothing had prepared me for that! Thankfully they fixed them (even though they didn't have to) and I bought boots and another pair of heels that I love, but I worry with every step.

    Anyway, would love to know how you save your soles. I've tried a few different 'clear stickers' but they all come off easily.


  8. I have the hot chicks in 2 colors and they both split on the side of where my toes enter the toe box on the outer side have you experienced this ?? I’m wondering if they are too small , I showed the girls at the store and they said it was my size I’m very upset over this, as you know they are an investment

  9. Hi mine did that too I sent them back to l it’s a fault with the leather send them back!! They were very good about it!

  10. So i have seven pair, five of which are listed for sell… the other two hurt and don’t get worn. Smh. I’m trying to be practical and smart now. I was told they stretch so you don’t want them to be comfortable or years later they will have heel slippage? The ones I received today are too tight. They’re being returned but one shoe fits the other don’t.

    1. Don’t want them comfortable as in too much room to breath.

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