Wednesday 29 May 2019


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Zimmermann is one of my favourite brands and has been for ages. It's one of those brands that makes you feel like summer can be at any time. Over the past few years, the Australian label has taken a front seat in the fashion world and all us ladies are after a piece from it. 

Since it is designer, the price tags are a bit higher than what you're after for every day wear - unless you live in a warmer country and are an investor who knows about cost-per-wear. Obviously, we'd all love to indulge in designer if we could but that's not always the case. 

Lucky for us though, because high street brands are making Zimmermann-esque pieces that are just as gorgeous. I thought I'd gather together the best of them and put them into a wishlist for you. 

The brand that is totally doing it is H&M! Honestly, these are some of the best Zimmermann style pieces out there right now. Some of these pieces are even from their Conscious line and are at amazing prices. Click the images and see for yourself. I literally think I may just buy all these. 


Seriously, how gorgeous are these? They quite literally scream Zimmermann but are accessible from the comfort of H&M, which is a brand we all love. H&M are really on it right now; their pieces are great, affordable, they've even just pre-launched their designer collaboration with Giambattista Valli (which is to die for). I have so many things on my wishlist from H&M and if you haven't checked them out their latest, then I suggest you do. 

Are there any other designer dupes you're after that you want me to search for? I'd happily continue doing this because I'm finding such beautiful pieces from right off the high street. Let me know if you're interested in more wishlists.

Lots of love, 

Emily xx


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