Saturday 25 May 2019


A trend for the moment that's making a comeback is the anklet trend and I'm enjoying it. 

I can remember wearing old bracelets around my ankles when I was younger. Or buying matching anklets with my mum for summer holidays. Sometimes even making daisy chains for anklets. 

There's something very gypsy, boho chic about anklets and they are back to make a statement this season. Of course, this time in the form of large seashell embellished ones.

Personally I like to layer my anklets, with a range of dainty and chunky for a stand out feature. You can find a mix and match in your favourite high street stores or you can even buy a bracelet and wrap it around your ankle. The other thing that my Mum has introduced me to is taking an old bag chain, wrapping it a couple of times and voila, make-shift anklet. 

Honestly you can wear them with just about anything. If you're wearing jeans and want to jazz up your look, don't be afraid to turn up your hems (but don't over to it!) to show off your ankle jewellery. Ideal pairing is with silk pieces or dresses of any sort. 


Another extra tip: take your old necklaces and use them as anklets. As you can see above in my photo, the pearl anklet I'm wearing is actually a pearl choker that I've had for years and haven't used enough. I thought it would be put to great use as a bracelet and anklet and I love it. I would add a small gold chain anklet to give it a bit more edge (I should really find one, Mum's probably got one already.)

There are so many ways you can participate in the summer trend, by spending a little or nothing at all. Here are my favourite picks right now:


 Will you be rocking anklets this year? I think I'm going for a mixture of chunky and slim chainlinks, maybe throw in a dainty charm one in there two. My tip is to layer no more than 4-5 in various sizes for ultimate edge.

Lots of love, 

Emily xx

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