Tuesday 18 November 2014

When In: Antwerp, Belgium

Whilst Dad's trip was for business, mine was for pleasure. I spent the weekend in Belgium, which I love! I had a few outfits that I wanted to document, but with the rain crashing down daily, it was hard to do so. These photos were taken just before the rain hit again so not the best photos, however here's a comfy outfit for walking around on the town in. Culottes are wonderful new trousers that are becoming a trend nowadays, however many of the ones I've seen online have been high-waisted. The pair that I am wearing are a replica of my mum's pair that she's had for years and years, and rocked them for that long may I just add! They are custom made, but you can find them in various high street brands right now. Brogues are a must have in your wardrobe, I have many and Clarks make sure that they are comfy as can be! They are a bit of a splurge, but honestly are worth it. If you're looking into a pair, put it on your Christmas list for sure. Big coats are great too, for both comfort and warmth. Make sure to buy them a size or two bigger than your dress size so you can layer up and still have room when you wear a coat. Lastly there's never an excuse to not buy a men's jumper; make your way down to Primark for some kick-ass ones that are super soft. (And add a pretty umbrella of your choice!)

Coat - Choice
Men's Batman Jumper - Primark
Culottes - Custom
Shoes - Clarks

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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