Thursday 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone has had or are still having a fabulous day with family and friends. This year I'm spending Christmas at Home #2: Colombo, Sri Lanka which is very different to usual, since I'm used to a British Christmas, but we've had some rainy, cold weather in Colombo, giving us a Christmassy feel. We thought this year was my mum's break year, no cooking, which meant we got to go out for lunch, basically dress up time for Mama and I! My mum is one of my fashion icons, so it was only fair that I'd put her in this post because I think she look drop-dead gorgeous (as always!). Here's our outfits from today;

P.s: If you love a little Christmas music, here's a cover I did for the festive season!

Mum's Look

Black Basics 3/4 Dress: New Look
Sheer Embellished Top: Custom
Belt: No clue!
Mary Jane Heels: Debenhams (similar here)

My Look

Dress - ASOS
Mesh Floral Heels - H&M
Watch - Marc By Marc Jacobs
Amethyst Ring - Lunar Made
Amethyst Bracelet - Lunar Made

Enjoy! Lots of love,

Emily xx


  1. Hope you had a fab Christmas girlie! Both of you look gorgeous! <3

  2. Both you an your mum look absolutely amazing! Hope your Christmas was fab!


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