Friday 28 October 2016

5 Simple Ways To Battle Stress & Anxiety

Oh stress... Hello you old friend!

At some point in our lives, stress can take it's toll. Whether it be on the home-front, work or university, everyone handles it differently or not at all. Sometimes it can be harder than we realise to get a grip on it. 

What's worse is when stress brings along its friend, anxiety. We all have forms of anxiety too, but sometimes it can go from bad to worse. 

Both my frenemies are currently working a battle in my brain and I wanted to share my little ways to de-stress and reduce the anxiety. 

(Disclaimer: I am no expert and I may not be the best person to advise, but these are just personal things I do)

1. Take a break!
It sounds easy, it sounds simple but sometimes your brain tells you not to do it. Mine's currently doing that right now, hence the reason for this post. Do something to take your mind off of whatever is consuming it. Close your eyes for a bit, take an hour nap, read a book, listen to music. Whatever takes your fancy is best. Taking an hour for yourself is so important. 

2. Write it all down on paper. 
I find that writing down whatever is stressing me out helps me come to terms with it. It also helps me realise that it's not that big of a deal! Uni assignments and due dates are crazy for me. Having it all laid out in front of me helps me to plan better. Even if it's not assignments and it's just a bunch of feelings you can't seem to understand, writing them out releases the pressure. 

3. Get some fresh air. 
Going for a walk, run or just standing outside with the fresh air is always a perfect idea. Breathing some fresh air (physically or mentally) helps your psyche revitalise.

4. Food & Water: Key to survival.
Before I start this, I want to make it clear that you don't stress eat. That is so unhealthy and just wrong. It's not the way to deal with your stress and anxiety. Get yourself some fresh fruit or a healthy snack to give yourself energy. Water is your best friend. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have a glass of water in the day. It is literally the best thing for you. More water, less problems. 

5. Do what you love.
This is very important. You have to take time to do something you love. Give yourself a break, you've been working hard and you can afford to have a little "me" time. Write, read, draw, sing, dance, shop (goodbye money) and just enjoy yourself. Life's too short to live it anxiously. 

These are 5 little tips that could help anyone (I hope) and so many of us take on way more than we bargain for. But you can do it. Persevere and you will do it. Just make sure you give your brain a break, it's always on overdrive. 

Lots of love, 

Emily xx


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