Tuesday 1 May 2018

The Lesson From The Mini Getaway

Sometimes a getaway from the norm is just what you need. And what I found out this weekend is that I can literally just fall asleep without any warning - eyes fluttering into deep closure, head dropping kind of sleep. 

For some reason, I've been tired. Maybe it's the jet lag finally catching up to me (for the first time ever, it never hit) or maybe I'm just not fuelling myself properly. And being at a state of total relaxation in the southern coast of England taught me that. 

For the first time, I headed to Swanage, Dorset and to say I fell in love with it instantly is an understatement. The array of fields and flowers, the beautiful beaches and cliffs and the endless amount of stone buildings and cottages that take you to yesteryear. It's like I stepped into an old Victorian fairytale. 

Outfit: Jacket - Maniere De Voir / Shirt - Forever 21 / Cami - custom / Jeans - Levi's / Belt - New Look / Shoes - Aldo

I was only there for a single night, which means I need to go back and explore more of what Dorset has to offer, like Durdle Door and the rest of the Jurassic Coast. But what I learnt in that day and half of being there is that it's nice to take a break from work or just your normal routine. 

I was hardly on my phone and rather chose to engage in conversations and immerse myself in the surroundings, soaking up somewhere new. But what I also realised is that sometimes I need to get some rest. My body told me that I am knackered and I need to take a break. Sometimes we all do.

So the small lesson here is; learn to make time for yourself to relax. Get that extra hour of sleep rather than staying up. Give yourself a break from technology and look around you, you might find something new and exciting. 

And an extra thing - it's not that hard to find an adventure that's not so far away and doesn't cost much. If you have a desire to travel, why not start on the home front. I think that may be my new plan. 

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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