Monday 11 June 2018

The Reason Why I Always Smile

"You're always smiling" or "You're so smiley and happy.". This is something I get on a regular basis and sometimes people are a bit confused by it. 

It's like being happy all the time is completely inconceivable. Well, I'm here to tell you it's not. Not really. 

I choose to be happy. Simple as that. I prefer having a smile on my face than wearing a frown and there's a theory behind my smileyness. Smiling automatically boosts your mood, whatever mood that may be. Of course I have my days where I'm not feeling anything or someone or something has annoyed me or I'm sad but if I can find the courage to put a smile on my face despite that or find something that can make me laugh, I'll actively look for it. This sort of practice instantly lifts my mood or makes me feel positive for the rest of the day.

Photography by Kaye Ford (@fordtography)

By radiating my own positivity through a smile or laugh, it can effect the others around me. I really believe in the art of energy. What you give out, you get back. So if I put out negative energy, the person with me will instantly feel that and be dragged down with me. But if I put out positivity, that person will feel that energy and even if they are in a bad place for that moment in time they will feel positivity. Even just for a minute. And that to me is rewarding. 

I've always had this goal in life to make people happy and subconsciously this makes me work on my own happiness. I'm all about self-love and positive vibes only (the former I'm still working on) and I believe that it doesn't take much to get into that mindset. 

Even today, I woke up and thought I really want to channel my energy positively into something brilliant every day to make them all count because life is too short. That one thought led me to this post, where I'm trying to pour all the good vibes into words for them to reflect on you, my readers. I'm also going to dive into my passions and explore new things because I feel that there is positivity in everything.

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 We all have our tough times, yes and sometimes it's like there's no end to the sadness in sight but I'm telling there's light at the end. And to find that saving light faster, look for the things that make you happy. Make you roll on the floor laughing, make you smile, make you feel a warmth that you need. If you actively try to be happy, you're going to genuinely be happier everyday without reason. 

Honestly, waking up with a smile for me just sets up my day. So just try it - Make sure that you've got a smile on your face even when you don't really want to because I guarantee you'll feel better. And think about the important people in your life and when they aren't in a good place. Put a smile on your face to put a smile on theirs. Make them laugh and smile because everyone deserves a sprinkle of positivity everyday. 

Smile always, laugh harder and live longer. 

Lots of love, 

Emily xx

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