Sunday 2 December 2018

The Art Of Slouch

First of all, Happy December my lovelies! It is officially the Christmas season, my favourite time of year - though in my child mind, Christmas started in September because I am crazy. I cannot wait to put up my tree, binge watch Christmas movies, listen to all the music and just go absolutely nuts whenever I see something Christmasy. But first, a not so Christmasy post. 

I love nothing more than clothing that I'm insanely comfortable in. Regardless of the occasion, I will make sure that comfort is a key priority for me. At least one piece of what I wear has to be super relaxing. So if I'm wearing skinny jeans that probably aren't as comfortable as I'd like, my top is going to be something flowy and lose because I live for the slouch life. I do love fitted pieces and more structure now, but I still always return to the sloth life when I can. Hence, this outfit post. 

Boyfriend jeans are such a joy. I'm not talking about those high-waisted ones with a sort of loose fit. I'm talking about low-low rise, slipping down your butt, super loose leg goodness. The jeans I'm wearing here were actually mid-rise and not as loose as I wanted, but the distressed design and colour were what I wanted. So my solution was buy them 3-4 times bigger. I actually bought these about a year or so ago and my size then was around 10-12, so I bought these in a 16-18 for extra baggy boyfriendness. Now, where I've lost a bit more weight, they are even bigger which is just the best. 

I pair these with anything; a basic or printed tee, a shirt, a dressy top, a sweater or a blazer. You name it, I've done it and they all look good. I took my trusty H&M lace cami, which my best friend tried to convince me not to buy last year because it was winter and it wasn't necessary (sorry Tash, still got it), and paired it easily. This top is also loose and flowy, which is great in the Sri Lankan heat. To finish off the super casual look, I paired the only shoes I've been wearing for the past few months, my Aldo slides and a few simple pieces of jewellery. 

Outfit: Cami - H&M // Boyfriend Jeans - Missy Empire // Slides - Aldo // Rings - Cartier Love Band, Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Open Heart and custom Double Infinity Ring

That's all there is to the art of slouch. Get super comfy, carry the look with confidence and voila, you've nailed it. I highly suggest in the investment of a good pair of boyfriend jeans because they can do no wrong. They are good for those days where you cannot be asked but also they are underrated in the fashion world. For super slouch, size up a few times, you won't regret it.

I've linked a few of my top picks right now, if you want to shop!


Lots of love, 

Emily xx

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