Friday 16 August 2019

5 Style Tips From Copenhagen Fashion Week I'm Taking Into My Wardrobe

Outfit: Shirt - M&S (similar) / Tank Top - Old / Trousers - Primark / Shoes - Tony Bianco / Earrings - Custom

Copenhagen is quickly becoming one of the cities to watch during Fashion Week seasons. For buyers, the designers deliver styles that the fashion world craves, from the likes of Ganni, LVMH Prize finalist Cecilie Bahnsen, Rotate Birger Christensen and more. Whilst these fashion houses are making their mark, the Copenhagen streets of packed full of inspiration. I mean, Danish girls know what they are doing. The street style is a must-see and I've taken a look through it all and found a lot tips to put into my own style. Here are the 5 style tips from Copenhagen Fashion Week SS20 Street Style that I'm taking into my own wardrobe. 

(All Images via Vogue, Elle, Refinery 29 & CPFW)


Open Button Down Blouses

This style tip is the one that made me want to look further into the street style of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Button down tops that are buttoned up down to the lower chest and then open. So simple, yet so statement. Now I'm not going to be showing off my tum anytime soon but it's such a cool idea when layering pieces, especially as AW19 approaches. Give your layering a new edge by leaving the top layer open from the chest down. It's definitely something I'm going to try as we come into the colder months. 


Go Bold

Colours, prints, silhouetttes - you name it, the Danish girls have done it this week. The amount of clashed prints and colours that would probably sound crazy in your mind but look amazing as a final result is rather surprising. I'm not one for always clashing, but I think CPHFW has changed my mind. The street style I've seen has made me think that there's never such thing as "too much" (there probably is, but in this instance, I can't seem to say there is). Dare to be a little different, add some colour and print to your wardrobe. You may just revel in it. 


Oversized & Loose Fit Silhouettes

This one I truly love because I already do this enough already. I'm not a skinny, model type girl. I've got thicker thighs, a little tummy and curves. So not all tight, slim styles suit me and I usually go for something a little looser on top. CPHFW has effortlessly shown how oversized and loose fit styles are so chic, it's unreal. There's been an array of floaty maxi dresses, babydoll styles, exaggerated sleeves, wide leg trousers, slouch fits and more. 


A Blazer Goes A Long Way

Looking through the street style galleries, blazers have taken over. They are probably the piece every girl has to have in her wardrobe. Wear them as they are intended, tuck them into your trousers or skirt, belt them at the waist, wear them as dresses. The sky is the limit. All I'll say is - get a blazer and wear that thing to death, you'll never get bored. Also, it's probably in my opinion, one of the easiest pieces to style or to bring an outfit together. 


Comfortable Shoes

FLIP FLOPS. I have not seen flip flops worn as a fashion statement like this. I mean I love wearing flip flops, especially when I'm in a tropical country but they've never truly been accepted as fash-on. Well the fashion girls of Copenhagen have said, "to hell with it, flip flops are my choice", and I'm here for it. Comfortable shoes are definitely a spotlight to take from this week. When you have to move from show to show, you can't really do it in towering heels. So look to your low heels, flat sandals, sneakers and yes, even flip flops. 

What do you think of the CPHFW Street Style? Is it for you? Is there any other styling tips you've seen from the streets of Copenhagen that you think are a must for a fashion girl? Honestly, I've started to see more of Copenhagen Fashion Week and I think the style is so great and I'm glad the fashion world is taking notice of more cities than just the standard. What are your thoughts?

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx

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