Saturday 7 September 2019

For Super Chic Neutral Nails, Here's The Best Shades

I've always loved getting my nails done. I've had acrylics, gel, natural - you name it, I've had it. My nails used to be super weak, even before I got acrylics, but over time I've managed to get them stronger so my natural nails are more than enough and I don't have to ruin my nail beds.

Now getting a manicure is always so soothing and when it comes to choosing a colour, I always get stuck. I usually go for a neutral because it looks the cleanest, but finding the right neutral can be tricky. So I thought I'd gather together the best neutral shades for everyday wear.

The colour I'm wearing in the picture above is Essie Clothing Optional. 



Spool Me Over / Buttoned & Buffed / Cliff Hanger

Clothing Optional / Skinny Dip / Sand Tropez


Mamba / Less Is Aura / Of Corset



Put It In Neutral / Pale To The Chief / Bubble Bath


Over The Taupe / Tickle My France-y / Chocolate Mousse


Blanc White / Organdi / Ballerina

There are probably plenty of other brands with gorgeous neutral shades, but these three just happened to be the ones that came to mind. What are your go to nail colours and brands? Is there one colour that you have time and time again? Let me know, I'd love to try new ones/ 

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx

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