Wednesday 11 March 2020

Elevate Your Basic T-shirt & Jeans With These Statement Earrings

 Outfit: T-shirt - H&M Men's (linked below) / Jeans - Levis (linked below) / Shoes - Aldo / Belt - Charles & Keith / Earrings - old!

*a little note: my camera battery has died and departed from this life and I have to get myself a new one, until then, it's iPhone photos. Sorry! (And also for some reason, today's have uploaded slightly lacking colour, no idea why, I've tried to fix it, no luck!*

"Let's go out-out tonight!"

"Let's go get drinks!"


That inevitable text that introverts love to hate. The last minute noticed that has you frantic to find an outfit. You can't go and pick up an outfit before you hit the town with your friends. So what do you do? Well, we all have basics that never let us down; that classic white tee, the pair of jeans you live in. Okay, but how is that dressy? It's not, is it? Okay, so chuck a pair of heels on. Sorted. Yet something is missing...

As we move into the new season, accessories are about to take their Spring Summer form. Floral pendants, gold, enamel, sparkle - it's all making it's way into stores. Remember when we all used to wear big earrings, the ones that were kind of Boho and extra as hell? Yeah I just found my Mum's box full of those and I've decided they need a night out. And what perfect way to showcase them than with a simple outfit so that they shine? 

A pair of statement earrings can transform a simple outfit into a dynamic one. It can make you feel more put together than you are, like you tried more than you did. Since these earrings can be quite bold and you might be intimidated to wear them on a daily basis, bringing them out for a night of drinks or going out-out will give them the spotlight they deserve. Shop my favourite statement earrings from the high street right now below!


Shop the outfit:


Lots of Love,

Emily xx


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