Friday 20 March 2020

My Current Book Recommendations For Social Distancing & Quarantine

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I am a book worm and always have been. When I was little, I raced through books so quickly and always loved escaping to other worlds. Since last year, I've started reading a lot more. I've been trying to make more of an effort and continuing that into this year. I keep a record on GoodReads and by doing so, I review the books I've read, connect with other readers and find new books to add to my "want to read" list. As most of us are moving into self-isolating and social distancing at this time, it's a good opportunity if you're working from home or just chilling to dive into some books. I know I'm definitely taking this time to read a little everyday and I thought, since I love it so much, I would share a few books that I'd recommend for you.

I've been reading most of these off of my iPad (which I loathe), but sometimes it has to be done. Best tip: Check Apple iBooks "Free Books" section for their pick of the day/week and they usually are something really great! Also, search for PDFs/eBooks on Google - basically, cheat and spend less, haha.

Read below for my suggestions!

Just Finished: The Death Of Me by Natalie Hames

I initially downloaded this one off of Apple iBooks because I saw it was free and a thriller – didn’t know anything about the book but the blurb intrigued me and it was right to. This was a really interesting read, a prologue to Hames' Dalton & Nash series. I’m actually glad I read this first, as now I can go onto the rest of the series in order – which I definitely will be doing. Set in London, “The Death of Me” focuses on a down-in-the-dirt police officer who is trying to redeem himself after a case gone wrong by trying to find out what happened to a missing girl, Grace. It unfolds in an unexpected way and was quite different to what I’ve read before. Definitely pick this one up!

The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

I totally fell in love with this novel. The story was beautiful. Falling in love in a day? Give it to me. Natasha and Daniel are the completely opposites when it comes to the mindest of love, but they are drawn to each other and must face all the difficulties of life while Daniel tries to prove to Natasha that their meeting is fate. It's giving in to the possibility that all things happen for a reason, the universe brings us to a single monumental point that will change life forever. I can't recommend this book more. Definitely for the hopeless romantic. 

Thirteen by Steve Cavanaugh

A true 180 from the love story, because this one's a serial killer thriller. The fourth story in the Eddie Flynn series, but you don't need to read the whole series to get into this one. It's utterly interesting, I couldn't put it down. The killer on trial in this novel isn't the real killer. The killer, a serial killer, is actually in the jury. Eddie Flynn is representing the celebrity on trial, who's innocence he has to prove whilst simultaneously trying to find the real killer, who does a great job at covering his tracks. This is a really good thriller, you have to read.

The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants Series by Ann Brashares

I recently just finished reading this full series in just a matter of days. I've always been a lover of the films and I thought, "why not read the books that inspired it?". So I downloaded all five books onto my iPad and zoomed through them. I couldn't put them down and I was surprised; a.) because it was YA and I thought maybe I'd outgrown them and b.) I thought I kind of knew the story because of the movies. Note to self: I was wrong. I'm glad I picked these up and connected to the characters of Lena, Bridget, Tibby & Carmen and the best thing about these books is that they grow with the characters in stories and the style of writing. It'll make you feel like you're growing up with them and take you on a rollercoaster fo emotions. 

Find Me by J. S. Monroe

Another U-turn from the loveliness of girly stories to another thriller - have you caught on yet that these are the only two things I pretty much read? Find Me was insane - full of twists and turns that have you wanting to keep turning the pages without stopping, which is what I did. Warning: it can get graphic, more graphic that I've read in any other other books so there's that. But the story is so intriguing, it's a must read. I honestly hope that Monroe writes another book to continue this story because it's that good. Also this was on Apple iBooks for free, a total steal!

Born A Crime: Stories From A South African Childhood by Trevor Noah

If there's one biography I could urge you to read it's the incredible life story of comedian, Trevor Noah. Born during apartheid in South African to a black Xhosa mother and white Swiss father, Noah was literally born a crime as interracial couples were a crime punishable up to 5 years in the country at the time. As a boy, he was kept inside most of the time to hide the fact he wasn't fully black, nor fully white. But even with those measures his mother took to keep him hidden, Trevor was not one to stay silent or good - he was a true troublemaker. This book details the insane, mesmerising, shocking and hilarious happenings of the life of one of the world's now biggest comedians and host of The Daily Show. After reading this, the love and respect I had already for Trevor quadrupled and you'll find yourself laughing, guiltily, even in the most serious of moments because of Trevor's tone of voice and the jokes he effortlessly embeds. 

What books are you reading right now? I'd love to know your recommendations, since I always update my booklist and with a little bit more time on my hands, not wanting to be on my phone all the time, I'm getting through more material! Let me know in the comments below or DM me on Instagram: @seventeenjames

Let me know what else you want to see on the blog too. I'm planning to step up my content from Monday with daily posts - what do you think? I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! 

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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