Tuesday 24 March 2020

Short Natural Nails Are The New Black (& An Easy Way To Remove Your Falsies)

Nail Colour: Essie Clothing Optional

When it comes to nails, you could say I'm borderline obsessive. I love getting them done or doing them myself. I used to have all sorts of nail art as a kid and tried to learn how to do it myself. Then I went on to the excitement of acrylics as well. Probably not the best decision for a girl with naturally weak nails. 

So after a few years I stopped and was on a mission to strengthen my natural nails. Now that I'm at that point of stronger nails, I have no need for tips or acrylics and I'm made the new decision that - I don't want them. As much as I love the look of long natural or fake nails on a girl, I've seen a move towards more natural length or short nails and I'm endorsing it. 

Short Nail Inspiration

Firstly, it's so much better to nurture your own nails rather than constantly topping up on acrylics. Worse is when you take a break and then after a while putting them on again. Your natural nails will feel as thin as paper!And how does anyone get anything done with long nails? I try to think back to how I did anything with them, like opening a can, getting creams and make up stuck underneath them, picking up little things. 

Oh, the list goes on! If you can do everything with them, you deserve a medal. Amongst doing all these little things that you wouldn't normally think of, I'm a musician too so playing the guitar and even piano sometimes is next to impossible. So short nails will have to do. 

They are far more manageable on a daily basis and I find that they have are far chicer than long nails. I find that natural nails are far sweeter than fake ones. If you take good care of them, you can build strength and length enough so that you would never actually need to have tips on. Plus, right now with the current lockdown situations across the globe right now, you may not be able to keep up your regular salon appointments to refill your nails. Maybe it's a great time to embrace the short nail trend!

An easy way to remove gel and acrylic nails!

Get yourselves some cotton wool, nail varnish remover, aluminium foil, a nail file and nail buffer.

Soak a piece of cotton wool in remover and place it onto your nail, then wrap the tip of your finger with the aluminium foil. Leaving your nails to sit this way for a few minutes (on my experience 3-5 minutes should do) will relieve the gel or acrylic nail you’ve got on quite a bit, making removal easier.

After removing the foil and cotton, you’ll find that some of it would have come off, some not; this is where the nail file comes in. You can take the option of picking any pieces off if that’s easier, or you can file the nail lightly to remove any excess gel or acrylic.

Once you get all or as much as you can off, clean your nails with a bit more remover and cotton. Finish off with buffing your nails to bring back their original shining glory. They may be a bit frail if you’ve been consistently wearing acrylics or gels, so take the time to apply nail hardener, if and when needed!

I've linked a few essentials for DIY manicures that I use to keep my natural nails extra healthy. 

Also with the way my mind changes, I don't have to worry about colour or shape changes to suit my mood because I just do it myself. This is all personal opinion, but what do you think of short nails? Yay or nay? Let me know!

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx

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