Monday 15 June 2020

The Perfect Dupes For The Frankie Shop Shoulder Pad Muscle Tee


You are bound to have seen the Frankie Shop Shoulder Padded Muscle Tee of dreams that every fashion girl and their mother wants. I am one of those girls. I have become obsessed with the style and I want it. And at about $75 a pop, you may not want to spend that much... Or if you're like me, have broad shoulders and want to try out the style to see if it suits you before investing, then you may want to look into the perfect dupes that are on the high street right now. Honestly, they are absolutely the same as The Frankie Shop and it was only time that there were going to be dupes on the market because it's a style that I think may just become a staple in a girl's wardrobe. So I've wondered the realms of online shopping to find you the best of the best dupes for the shoulder pad tee. Click the images below to shop now!

In case you're after the originals too, here's THE FRANKIE SHOP tees!


(Also available in other colours, but not shown on the website anymore...)



H&M (currently out of stock!)




I'm taking a moment here to admit that this post has now made me want the t-shirt style more. Yep, it's a problem. Anyway, happy shopping!

Sending you lots of love and hope you're staying safe & well!

Emily xx


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