Sunday 5 July 2020

Easy, Like Sunday Morning: My Playlist For A Relaxing Sunday

My mum likes to call Sundays "slow flow Sundays" because she heard it on the radio as the term coined for the throwbacks and slow songs that play on the last day of the week. Now it's become a staple in our family. 

Music dominates a lot of our life - I guarantee you that everyday in the Smith household, music is playing or blasting through a speaker, or it's listened to in our own ears and we absentmindedly sing or we just burst out into song because we feel like it. It's always played a big role in our lives; my mum is a dancer, my dad was a DJ when he was younger (I still laugh at this fact), I'm a singer-songwriter-instrument player and my brother is a total music lover who likes trying to produce with his friends.

Because it's such a big part of my life, I wanted to bring it more into my blog by creating playlists, talking about music and so on. What's the point in having a passion if you don't share it?

So on this Sunday in July, I wanted to share with you a playlist that just brings me simple joy (and even some sadness, in the best way). I've put together a few of my favourite Sunday songs that call for a relaxing day before a new week starts again. 

I hope you enjoy!

Lots of Love and Happy Sunday,

Emily xx

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