Wednesday 2 June 2021

The Patchwork Trend Is Here & It's Perfect For Summer

Outfit: Dress - Custom

It's June. We are midway through 2021. How? I don't even understand how time has moved that quickly. And yet, I feel like I'm back in 2020. Because here in Sri Lanka, we are currently in lockdown. So far it's only been about two weeks, but who knows how long it'll go on for...

And so the days of getting dressed up and going out are over again; it's sweats and leggings toujours. 

I won't lie to you; this time around feels a bit more blah than last time. Maybe it's because it felt like life was going back to "normal" and then that stopped. To be honest, I was super prepared for it. We knew it was coming in our house, but it definitely came along and drained my energy out. Which is weird because lately I've been more active on my blog, YouTube and Instagram...

Yes, I am weird. But I think my energy is slowly coming back, thank God. 

Anyway... I wanted to just give you a little what I wore moment so that not only does this blog get content, but I also refresh myself out of comfy clothes. 

This patchwork floral print dress is a custom piece (that belongs to Mum) and I love it for Summer. Patchwork styles have been popping up across the high street and designer collections from the likes of Zara to Zimmermann. I definitely thinks it speaks to the time we're in: we want to wear everything and all at once because close to a year at home simply deprived us of killer outfits we had planned. 

The patchwork trend is one that can be a Marmite one; either you love it or hate it, or it can be specific to the pieces, they are either sweet or OTT. Personally, I think patchwork works best when it's got a romantic edge to it with floral prints and complimenting colours. I always find peach and orange tones mixed with blues work really beautifully and are perfectly suited for Summer. 

I wanted to share a few pieces that I think are perfect for these Summer months because I think it's one of those trends that's going to pick up more as move further into this season. Click the images to shop!


What's your verdict on the patchwork trend? I honestly really love it and I think Zimmermann do it best season after season. Just make my wardrobe a Zimmermann boutique please, someone. But I'm really surprised by some of the Zara pieces for this trend too. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Hoping you're all staying safe and well! Sending you lots of love, 

Emily xx

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