Sunday 4 July 2021

Blue Dress Baby

Dress - via Instagram (similar here, here & here)  / Shoes - Charles & Keith

You know when you see a dress and think, "oh yeah, I need that", then receive it and that thought is just solidified even more? Yeah, that's what happened with this dress. I saw it on an Instagram advert - and yes I know what you're thinking; I never buy off of impulse on an Instagram advert. I'm quite methodical when I make a purchase. I put things on a wishlist and really thinking them over before buying it. But something about this particular dress made me instantly DM the seller and buy it, just like that. And it was probably the best purchase decision I've made in a little while. 

This is one of those gorgeous summer dresses that will stand the test of time for me personally. The sleeves are so statement and elegant, a style which I love, combined with the shift style that can be belted. What is more is the colour; blue is my absolute favourite colour and has been since I was little. It's one that will always live in my wardrobe amongst the classic neutrals. For the summer, I think it's the perfect colour to wear and I think it's a silhouette that I can wear a lot too. 

I can switch out the belt it came with for a brown one and change up the accessories. I can go with gold or silver accents and that's what I love about this colour, it's more versatile than you think. Of course I had to go with a monochrome blue look first because my Charles & Keith mules match perfectly. 

Honestly, I wish I could just go out for a lunch or dinner because all I want to do is wear this piece. It's definitely my new happy dress.

What do you think? Do you like these style of dresses or even the colour? Let me know in the comments below. 

Lots of love, 

Emily xx


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