Monday 25 May 2015

Parisian Silk

Look One:

 Look Two:

Parisian Lace Up Heels - Office

This is just another thing I've stolen from my mum's wardrobe (but technically she gave it to me, so it's okay). I love silk and so this dress it one of my absolute favourites. Because of it's simplicity, mum gave me the advice to add a long necklace at the back just to give it something, however I don't have any long necklaces at the moment. Instead I took one of my clutch bag chains and hooked it onto the insides of the sleeves, tied a knot in it and let it hang down my back which looks rather cool! Another way to wear the dress is to use that same chain and tie it around me, which took looks rather lovely. It's quite versatile, so you could dress this outfit up or down and wear as many times with various accessories or shoes. It's another piece that mum got made, but if you have seen any that are similar, I'd love to know. These shoes are my new found love! I've been wanting a pair of Parisian Lace Ups for ages and I somehow managed to convince my dad that I should buy them because they are a necessity, since he had to show my argument when he watched me buy them. (Men always think we have too many shoes. We can never have too many.) These Office pair are actually comfortable and I love the colour. There are various colours and styles in Office, but Public Desire also do them too. I plan to invest in all the colours!

Lots of love, 

Emily xx

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