Thursday 30 July 2015

Steal Her Style: Selena Gomez

I adore Selena Gomez. Not only do I think she's a great actress and singer, but I love her style. If I could be anyone in the world it would be either Selena, Shay Mitchell, Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner. So she's definitely up there on my list of loves. E! News had a series of photos of Selena's best looks on their app the other day and I just saved them all because I loved the looks. The one below was one of them. Though it was a while back, I thought I'd do a "Steal Her Style" post on it as Boohoo & Misguided have both brought out zip front turtleneck crop tops which I found whilst browsing. So here's how you can get Selena's street style from your online favs. (P.s if you really wanted to get her look, splurge on the Gucci bag... I know I would. I'm a Gucci Addict!)

Click on the images to get the look!


Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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