Sunday, 26 July 2015

Summer Jewellery Haul

Before I left London for Sri Lanka, as usual, Mum & I went and did *some* shopping. When I came home each time, I realised we'd bought quite a few bits of jewellery. Honestly, I'm not ashamed of that because there's so much nice jewellery in high street stores at the moment, I'm surprised I didn't buy more. I pick most of my pieces up from New Look, as there was so many beautiful pieces in store which I'll probably go back to as soon as I can. I finally found a pair of earrings I wanted from Aldo, so I had to buy both types (apparently there's more!!) and Primark had some cute bits and pieces too. So since I did a massive jewellery haul, I thought I'd share it with you lovely people! 

Double Circle Drop Earrings (Also in Gold) - New Look
Pearl Drop Earrings - New Look (in store)

Ear Bar Stud Earrings - New Look
Hamsa Hand Drop Earrings - New Look

Gold & Silver T Bar Cuff - New Look
Gold & Silver Flat Bar Bangle - New Look (in store)

Turquoise Opal Flower Tikka Head Chain - New Look (similar here)
Aquamarine Stone Ball Kite Shape Head Chain - New Look (similar here)
Gold Bindi-Like Hair Pin - New Look (in store)

Silver NASSI Earrings - Aldo (in store)
Gold & Pearl NASSI Earrings - Aldo (in store)

Gold Toe Ring Set - Primark
Silver Toe Ring Set - Primark

Gold Leaf Full Finger Ring - Primark

6 Piece Black & Gold Bracelet Set - Primark

7 Pack Gold, Rose Gold & Silver Bracelet Pack - H&M

If you've found yourself some beautiful jewellery, let me know because I'm currently obsessed!

Lots of love, 
Emily xx


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