Monday 7 September 2015

Mini Catch-Up

Ever gotten really annoyed at yourself for getting things done? Yeah that's me all the time, especially with my blog. There's been a total lack of posting and that's been an occurring excuse for almost a year now (Seventeen James turns 1 next month!). But the excuses must stop and I am planning so much more to put on here. So until those things actually happen, I thought I'd have a little catch up into my life. Now you may get throughly bored with me right a bunch of nonsense, but I'm going to do it anyway. 

I've been in Sri Lanka for the past month and half, loving every minute of it. I'm lucky enough to have two homes, England and Sri Lanka, and being here at home is just wonderful, but sadly the trip is coming to an end next week as I return to reality back in the UK. Whilst I've been here though, I got to delve into the journalistic field having done an internship with News1st, a broadcast journalism company. I got to work on both TV and radio, creating visuals, writing scripts and helping in all sorts of ways. I've learn so much and from the loveliest group of people ever,  I didn't want to leave. I kind of want to just stay here and work with them, but I've vowed to finish my degree... After that, who knows! It was my first real job and I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable. It was the most welcoming experience and I'll definitely make the trip back to do more work with them. This internship definitely halted my fashion life, as I had no time to do blogposts, though I tried from time to time. However I think I'm definitely going to get some posts done for you over this week, and work harder when I get back to London.

As well as that I've been working on my music life too. I have my first ever single out called "Addicted". It's on iTunes worldwide (AAHH) and I produced and wrote it all by myself. I'm writing more to release, so keep an eye out on that. If you want to download it, click here! Or head over to my YouTube channel. 

So until then, here's a few pictures just to show you what I've been up to. If you follow me on instagram, you might've seen them already. If you don't, find me @emilynicolesmith. 


Lots of Love, 

Emily xx

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