Tuesday 29 December 2015

Nude Lip Love.

My new current obsession is with nude colours. Browns and pinks are just to die for. The other obsession is liquid lipsticks and after buying myself two from NYX, I have found out why people are after them: they are to die for. I have a problem when it comes to wearing lipstick. I have to add more throughout the day because it just rubs off my lips so easily. But thanks to liquid lipstick, I no longer have that problem. With the new Lip Kit by Kylie craze and everyone trying to get their hands on it (including me) that it's sold out, these colours act as dupes until you can get your own Kylie Jenner Lip Kit! These are my latest picks and daily wears. They are subtle, yet just enough for any look. I've got three new colours that I'm in love with and they are just a range of nude colours, so here they are!

I love this colour because it's simple but for my skin tone, it adds some intensity to my lips without having to use a dark colour. It dries almost instantly, leaving you with matte looking lips, but without your lips feeling dry. It's so strange yet wonderful. You don't need any lip liner to go with it and it works like a lipgloss. You can layer it on for a more intense lip or just lightly brush it on for slight colour. It's rather close to the Candy K colour from Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit range so if that's the one you want, here's a replacement.

I have to say that this is my favourite. The colour and feel together are amazing. In comparison to the Kylie Lip Kit, I'd say this colour is very close to Dolce K. When this lippy dries, again there's no dryness and the suede feel of your lips is so nice. This particular range of liquid lipsticks has various colours and is one of the newer products from NYX, which I'd definitely recommend! Again it's not too intense but gives you just enough for your day-to-day life.

I've had this Rimmel Asia colour for a while now thanks to my bestest, Tasha, who showed it to me and said "You have to have this lipstick, we're Asian and we must represent." That's how it ended up in my make-up bag. Though it sits well without a lip liner, I wanted to get myself a pink liner that would go with a lot of my lipsticks. On my way through Duty Free at Heathrow, I made my usual trip to MAC and decided to go for my first lip liner. Turns out, the Rimmel lipstick is an exact match! So I was obviously chuffed. The two together give a shiny finishing look and are just beautiful colours. 

Obviously on my skin, these colours look different and they aren't so clear on my face. So I decided to swatch them so you could see for yourself how dark they look. On paler skin they are going to look different, but I advise you to try out the products for yourself! If you live in the UK and want to get your hands on NYX products, head to Boots, where they are available online only. 

Other make up worn: 

Lots of love, 

Emily xx


  1. Loving the nude shades on you, girl! They are perfect for casual wear. :) My fav nude lippie atm is the Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap & Glory in 'Perfect Day'. Following you on bloglovin'! <3


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