Saturday 6 February 2016

Welcome to the 20s.

On Thursday (4th February), I entered my twenties. A brand new decade. It's rather scary and daunting to be honest. I mean I'm only two days into it but I just know that things are going to change and be different.

I'd say I'm definitely part of the Peter Pan generation; those that do not want to grow up. I kept saying days before turning twenty that I'd be running away to Neverland and in my head I wanted to. Even though my childhood was crazy, I'd give anything to live it again. But this is a new chapter, or maybe even a new book in my life story. So I think it's best to just embrace it, yet still hold my inner child always.

Ironically I saw this on Tumblr, where I spend way too much time and it spoke to me, so I thought I'd just share it to say that this is what I'll live by in this next decade.

I'm allowed to be selfish. I've never really been too selfish, I always make sure to put others first because I love looking after the people in my life. But I haven't treated myself very well the past 19 years. Now I'm taking the initiative to do so because I deserve better. 

I plan to dive into everything I love and take better care of my body, love myself a lot better and I hope that I learn that I'm better than I think I am. 

Thank you Kyoko Escamilla for this beautiful quote and making me realise my twenties are for myself. 

P.s: I'm sorry for not doing many posts in a while, I miss blogging! But I hope to be more active from now onwards, even if I don't have any new outfits, I'll just write something on here. With Valentine's coming, I'll be filling you in on how best to spend it when you're single (take it from me, I've been single for 20 years now!)

Lots of love, 

Emily xx

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