Monday 20 March 2017

The Fishnets Trend

Is it Spring yet? Who even knows with this London weather changing every second. Luckily this day was a good one, which means it was warm enough to brave some shorts and fishnets. Yes it looks a little bit extra, but hey I'm extra. 

Fishnets are such a trend at the moment and I obviously bought into them. Instead of wearing them under jeans, I wanted to try them with jeans. I did the other night for a party with a t-shirt (which was on my insta) but I thought I'd try it again for a blogpost.

It may look a little bit different to my usual style, but it's always great to try something new. Remember, not every trend is going to work for you. Some might, but it's always good to try it if you're really feeling a pull to it. Fishnets are good for the days when I'm feeling edgier and rock chic comes out. This look was meant to be a bit softer than the typical edgy look that fishnets add.

Especially with the summer coming, it's something that anyone can try. Try it with extreme ripped jeans or dress, or skirt, whatever your fancy. This shirt-dress from Pretty Little Thing is super comfy and I definitely recommend buying one. You can wear it like a dress or a massive, oversized shirt. Pair it with a cute pair of boots, knee-high or ankle, or even heels to dress it up. 

Shorts - Primark
Fishnets - MissPap
Boots - Public Desire

I hope you enjoyed this post! If there's any trends that you want to try or are trying, let me know in the comments. I'd love to see what else I could experiment with. 

Lots of love, 
Emily xx


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