Tuesday 19 September 2017

3 Face Savers That Will Help Give You That Natural Glow

Having amazing clear skin is what everyone wants and we continuously look to find the best ways. I've always had relatively good skin but like everyone, I have hormone imbalances or environmental changes and my face just says nope! But I have found some products that can help to restore your skin back to it's natural state and give you a glow, without the highlight.
Read below for my top 3 Face Savers and tips on using them!

Tea Tree Oil
I came across the wonder from Desi Perkins' "Get Unready With Me" video where she used the substance to fight blemishes and breakouts. She raved about it and I thought "couldn't help to try it out." My skin can get dark pigmentation after breakouts and it seriously irritates me because otherwise my skin is in great condition. It can also be very sensitive to certain products and I'm not really sure why that is. I can't even use the brand Simple, which is catered to sensitive skin, because my skin reacts badly to it and I start to get more breakouts than what I started with. So since tea tree oil is said to be effective for blemishes due to it's antiseptic component, I thought I'd give it a shot and I have to say that the results were brilliant. 

I had a dark pigmentation after a breakout on my chin and it was right before my graduation. It was fading naturally but taking so long to do so. I bought tea tree oil from The Body Shop roughly a week and a half before my graduation, and after using it day and night before the big day, the blemish was gone. It was amazing because my skin had no reaction to it, it just soaked up all the goodness tea tree oil had to give and restored my skin back to better health. Even now when I get a breakout, I immediately apply tea tree oil and it eases the mark.

Tip: Apply tea tree oil every morning and evening during your skincare routine as one of the first products you apply so that your skin absorbs it first and tackles the blemishes. Apply it to your whole face or just spot conceal, whatever your fancy!

Available at The Body Shop (they have a full range of tea tree oil products) or via Amazon.

Fade Out Even Tone Skin Moisturiser
I had never heard of Fade Out before my mum decided to show me this moisturiser. She bought in Sri Lanka and told me to use it because it will just help even my skin tone and leave it feeling fresh. After using it for a few days, I instantly noticed the difference. Dark spots on my face were evened out on my face and I just felt more of a natural glow. 

This moisturiser includes extracts of mulberry and liquorice which work to fight the production of melanin, the cause of darker, brown pigmentation. And it actually does what it says, that's the beauty of it. The type that I use also includes an SPF of 15, but there is one that is more advanced and has an SPF of 25.  I was genuinely considering bring back so many bottles of Fade Out back to London because I didn't think you could get it there but I'm stupid because it's actually retailed at Boots. I don't know how I never noticed or heard about it, but I'm so glad I did because it's honestly a life-saver. It leaves your skin in a better condition, both in look and feel. It helps banish the blemishes, darker spots and even your under eye dark circles, if that doesn't want to make you try it, I don't know what will. I highly recommend this is you want to even out your skin tone and keep your skin feeling good all the time. 

Combining it with the tea tree oil is like a double army to battle your skin so I highly recommend it. It'll make your feel fresh and confident to step out with no make up on. 

Tip: Apply Fade Out as your main moisturiser both day and night when you feel like your skin is suffering with dark patches, but when it does clear switch back to your normal moisturiser and use Fade Out as your night time moisturiser to maintain your even skin tone. 

Available at Boots or via Amazon

Bobbi Brown Skin Remedies - Skin Fortifier No.93 Strength & Recovery Tonic
I came across the product when I browsing around the Bobbi Brown counter and I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but I stumbled across the then newly launched Remedies collection. I'm always up for trying new products and this seemed like a good one to try. There's are now 7 remedies that target various different skin conditions and I currently use No.93 which works to repair your skin and strengthen it against breakouts or blemishes. Because it's an oil product, I was worried that because I do have oily areas (my nose in particular), I thought that it wouldn't work well but I have found that it actually doesn't feel too oily. The product on the skin actually makes it feel more silky and moisturised. I've definitely seen the improvements in my skin since using this product and I'm excited to try the others to see what benefits I can get from them. 

Tip: Apply 2 drops to your whole face and massage it into the skin and also down to your neck. Apply onto clean skin with minimal product and if you're using it with tea tree oil, then apply after that for the best results.

Available direct from the Bobbi Brown website or counters.

These are just the three products that I am currently using on a daily basis that I'm loving and that are making my skin feel amazing. I'll probably end up finding more as I expand my skincare routine and get my skin to it's best form ever, but for now I highly recommend these. If you've tried these products and enjoyed them or not, let me know in the comments! Or if you have products that you think are amazing, let me know because I'd love to try them!

Lots of love, 

Emily xx



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