Friday 22 June 2018

The Bad Things Always Lead To The Good

Photography by Kaye Ford (@fordtography)

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has those moments in life where nothing is going right. Even if we don't see it or hear about it, there's something going on in someone's life that they are wishing would end in an instant. Sometimes that bad thing comes with more bad things and then it's like "What's the point in trying?"

I've had my days where one thing after the other creates this whole negative space and I try to fight it with a smile and with the support of my loved ones, but that still doesn't feel like it's not enough right? And the good things can't come soon enough or won't ever come. I'm here to tell you they do, but if you're a bit more pro-active towards the good stuff, better days may come sooner. 

I truly believe the bad always leads to the better, better than what was before. You can only go up when you've reached your lowest point, so if you feel low take the steps to move up. Say you lose your job when you least expect it and then you feel like you're stuck, look towards your real passions. What do you really want to do? Can you work towards your goal? I know a lot of people worry about lacking experience but if you have that drive or love for that potential job, then showcase it in the best ways you know. Write a cracking CV, create a portfolio (online ones are fantastic because you can literally link everything), find anything you can to show that you are worth that position. The next part is putting your full belief and faith in yourself that you'll get it. 

If it's not your working life and instead your personal, then give yourself a break. Find a way to escape that fits you. Clear your mind. I can't tell you how good it feels to do a life cleanse - get off social media, put the electronics away and expand your mind. Read a book, go out and do something fun with someone you love, watch your favourite films or new ones, dive into culture. It takes patience for things to go your way, but if you put yourself in a new, refreshing headspace then you're bound to see where the negatives draw from and what you can do to flip them to a positive. 

I'm about to get real philosophical on you right now - hold onto your hats. Have you seen that documentary "The Secret", the one about the Law of Attraction, how what you think and believe, what you put out into the universe comes back to you? I am a total believer of it and it genuinely does work. You don't have to take me at my word, obviously, everyone has different opinions but I say you watch it for yourself and see how you feel. Though I'm not the philosopher behind it, I'll give you the simpler version of "The Secret" - if you think it, say it and feel it, putting that positive energy out into the universe will then return back to you in unique ways. 

So if you attract the good and positive, it's bound to come back to you. Put yourself in that positive headspace - like I said in my previous post, find a way to smile and that'll instantly help. Channel your energy in the best way possible to take yourself out of the bad. 

Outfit: Dress - H&M / Hat - Topshop / Slides - Aldo / Sunglasses - Aldo

The reason why I say the bad always leads to the good is because it does. Yes it takes patience and time, but if you make that little bit of effort yourself then the good tends to come a little quicker. You'll have your points when you want to totally give up, but don't. Times get tough, but it makes the character stronger. Make sure that when the bad things come along that you have support, someone to talk to because even though we feel that we can do this on our own, we all need a shoulder to lean on. 

And keep looking up, I promise you things get better. 

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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