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It's that time of year where the lights are shining, the air is festive, we're dreaming of a White Christmas and trying to figure out what we buy our loved ones. For ladies, I think it's a lot easier because we make our choices known - we're not subtle. But for the gents? Harder than it seems. You think you might have it, but then you're like "eeeeeeeeerrrrrrm?". So I am here to help you a little, guide you to a path that may turn a lightbulb on in your mind. Here are my picks for the gents in your life; either your boyfriend, Dad, brother, uncle, best friend or who ever the fella might be. 

1. Perfume / After Shave

Nothing is better than a nice smelling man. And if you can do without that, then you and I need to have a chat. A good smell cannot be denied and with so many options out there, you can't go wrong. If the man already has a favourite scent and is running out of it, then perfect - buy the same thing because they'll appreciate it. If there's one they've smelt but not got their hands on it yet, go for that one. Or if there's one you think that they'll love, purely because you do, then do it. You cannot go wrong with after shave. My recommendations have to be:
- Davidoff Cool Water - A classic everyday
- Tom Ford Noir - A scent for the night, for sure
- Hermès Terre D'Hermès - Two sprits is more than enough
And my absolute favourite for right now - Givenchy Gentleman Eau De Parfum (specifically the parfum, the black bottle). My brother has it (yes, the 14 year old. He has quality taste) and it smells divine. It's name literally explains the scent in my opinion and I highly recommend it. Shop them all at The Perfume Shop.

2. A Watch

Watches are timeless. (Great pun, Em. You loser). But it's true. You can't go wrong with a nice watch. Yes they can be a little bit more expensive depending on the brand you go for, but at this time of year, with sales and deals, you may just find something. I am not going to suggest a Rolex or anything - though if you have that luxury and the gentleman you are buying for means that much, by all means treat them. But there are also great watches from brands such as Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs that aren't overly dear. Personally, I find that actually going to the shops and looking at a watches than browsing online because it's a purchase you need to see. 

3. Shoes

I feel that every man is starting to focus more on what they wear and a pair of shoes can elevate a t-shirt and jeans combo instantly. I'm taking inspiration from my brother for this one because he is a shoe-aholic. Honestly, one of these days he is going to break my bank with the amount of Jordans he's after (his Christmas list is just full of them). And to be honest, I actually enjoy spending my money on shoes instead of something pointless. This decision obviously depends on the man; Dads are more prone to dressier shoes in my opinion, little brothers will be after the hottest sneakers, whilst the boyfriends will probably like a mixture. 

If you're looking for good quality shoes without breaking the bank, Aldo is your go-to. I recently bought my dad a really nice pair of sneakers which had a dressier edge perfect for smart-casual wear. 

If you're going designer, my top picks have to be Gucci, Balenciaga or Off-White. Obviously they are major investments and their best-sellers right now are sneakers, but they do have some extravagant dress shoes too. Also, you'll be surprised but there are some Gucci slides that are under £200 or £300. But of course, dupes are always another option and here are the best ones - click the images to shop!

à la Balenciaga Speed Sneakers
1.) ZARA £49.99
à la Balenciaga Triple S Trainers, aka Dad sneakers 
2.) ZARA £49.99 
3.) £59.99
à la Off-White Off-Court Sneakers
4.) Topman £110
à la classic Gucci loafers
5.) Dune London £110
6.) River Island via ASOS £40 
Yeezy Vibes
 7.) ZARA £49.99
à la Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers
 8.) ZARA £39.99
Very Dolce & Gabbana
9.) ZARA £39.99
Just because they are nice
10.) ZARA £69.99


And of course I have to mention Nike because that's where I'll be buying shoes this Christmas. You cannot go wrong with a pair of Jordans or Kyries. If you want the latest, keep an eye out on the Upcoming page for all the newest. Personally, I think the hottest sneakers on Nike right now are the Basketball range, which may just be because that is the hype my brother is one but personally they are my favourites. But if you're planning on getting one of the latest, keep yourself glued to your browser on the launch date because they sell out like mad.

4. Sweatshirts & Hoodies

It's on the casual side, but it's what everyone loves. Something to chuck on on those casual, lazy days but still making it fashion. Now you could jump on the Gucci train and cry after paying because they are obviously like £700 or you could pop down the high street? Up to you. (Zara is doing the best dupes of everything right now, so get ready for a whole bunch of links from there). Click the images to shop!

Marvel Avengers Hoodie (I'd buy this for myself) - £29.95
Slight Versace Vibes - £39.95
Could pass for Alexander McQueen -  £39.95
Did someone say Dolce? -  £39.95
Michael Jackson Thriller Sweatshirt (another one I'd buy for myself) - £29.95


So far, Zara's been the most impressive for me for this one, I've looked all over the shop but I end up on designer ones with price tags that will make you want to cry. Also, sweatshirts and hoodies may not be up your Dad's of Grandad's street, so instead go for coats or jackets. A new blazer or double breasted coat will be a perfect gift because Lord knows, they probably need one or need to get rid of the one they've been wearing for the past 10 years.

5. Blame It On The Alcohol

What man wouldn't love a bottle of booze for Christmas Day or New Year's Eve? I know buying my Dad a nice bottle of whiskey will keep him smiling. Go for a classic that they love to drink; their favourite wine or spirit - doing this you can't go wrong because you know they will drink it. If the gentleman is a collector, then buy them a limited edition or new blend of their favourite. Take Jack Daniels for example, you've got the classic then there's Gentleman Jack, Old No.7, Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire and so on. Grab a different bottle for the old man's collection and he'll be chuffed, plus they aren't as expensive as you'd expect. A good £40 will get you the bottle you want. Supermarkets are going to have deals on too, so definitely try it. I know Tesco's does all the time. If the fella is an adventurous type, then the choice is all yours. Go for a type that they drink on the regular but ask around and find out what is the best brand out there, then pick something new. The sky's the limit. 

Obviously this is not for anyone under 18 (or 21 in certain countries), so please do not buy your little brother a bottle of vodka. Instead, just buy him a whole bunch of chocolate and he won't complain. One of those selection boxes will be a party starter and may also cause fights, but if you're giving it to your little brother, he's not even giving you one of those chocolate bars. 

These are 5 easy gifts just to direct your mind. Some are cheap enough to allow for two gifts or more. An extra that I'll suggest is technology - of course it's going to be costly but if you're willing, the boys are always up for a GoPro, drone or video game of some sort. 

I hope this post was helpful in some way! I know that I've struggled with what to buy the lads in my life in the past, some of you have too I'm sure. This year is pretty easy for me, purely because my brother literally gave me a powerpoint presentation on what he wants - he's not subtle. But it gave me the idea for this post because men can seriously be so hard to buy for! You never know where to start, but I hope that this post has inspired some thought for you. Just remember it's the thought that counts. 

Merry Christmas my loves and happy shopping!

Lots of love, 

Emily xx


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