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The tree is up, lights are strung, the classic Christmas tunes are blaring and you're festive as hell. Now's the time to buckle down and get to what us girls love to do - shop. But we must be vigilant and not shop for ourselves. No Christmas is a time of giving and I always look forward to finding the perfect presents for my Mumma and my girls. I find that it's very easy to shop for the ladies in your life because you'll know them like the back of your hand. Having said that, I still decided to create a gift guide to ease your troubles with the latest trends, designer dupes and more to make your Christmas and New Year fash-on. So here's my top 5 Christmas gift ideas for the power women!

1. Shoes, shoes, shoes. 

Ah, the Carrie Bradshaw in me is released and thriving now because shoes. They just make you feel so good and when a woman has a power pair of new shoes, as Marilyn Monroe said; she can conquer the world. Of course we all want a pair of Louboutins, Blahniks or Choos but sometimes that luxury is just too steep. I have one pair of Louboutins and I guard them with my life. But have no fear, the Dupe Searching Queen is here. I have found the perfect footwear that is so designer close, you can't even complain. Click the images to shop the list below!

à la Chloé Rylee Boot
1.) Topshop £85
2.) Office £110
Cowboy Boots (SS19 Trend)
3.) Topshop £85
à la Balenciaga Knife boots
4.) ZARA £39.95
à la The Row sandals
5.) ZARA £49.95
The Perspex Trend
6.) ZARA £39.99
7.) ZARA £49.99
Kim K Vibes
8.) ZARA £99.99
The Perspex Trend : Extra Classy
9.) Tony Bianco £103.13
à la Manolo Blahnik Maysales
10.) Tony Bianco £34.39 (normally £103.13, A STEAL and comes in three colours!)
à la Dior J'adior Slingbacks
11.) Tony Bianco £97.40

There are so many good dupes out there right now, that you find any please let me know because I love a bargain. These shoes are so classic looking, even though they don't have a high end label and people will still be gushing over them. Plus they are great for any lady in your life. A girl can't say no to a pair of good shoes. And if heels aren't here thing, there are plenty of stylish sneakers out at the moment and you're bound to find sweet flat shoes like these Chanel ballerina dupes from Zara. 

2. Bags

If the lady doesn't love shoes, she's probably going to love bags or both. Right now, the mini bags are taking over and I think they are perfect for the season - with all the parties and dinners, you're not going to want to carry something major. And right now, designer bags are all the rage. Everywhere you go (or every time you scroll on Instagram), you're definitely seeing the Dior Saddle Bag that's made a comeback. Everyone wants one, but not everyone can afford the steep price. This is where dupes, again, come to the rescue. Not just dupe designers are taking over, but these Mediterranean vibe bags that make girls feel like summer is all year round. Here are my favourite picks right now, click the images to shop:

à la Staud Shirley Tote 

Missguided £22 // Pretty Little Thing £20

à la Hermes Birkin 
Missguided £25 //  Seen On Her £59 // Seen On Her £59

à la Dior Saddle Bag 
Missguided £22 // Topshop £25 // Pretty Little Thing £20

Pearl Crazy
Topshop £29 // Mango £49.99

                Prada Cahier, but belt style        Cult Gaia Ark Basket Clutch
              Pretty Little Thing £18                 Pretty Little Thing £25

              The New Classic                         Snakeskin Standout
    Pretty Little Thing £25                 Mango £29.99

3. Perfume

You can never go wrong with perfume. We all need a range of scents for every occasion; every day, nights out, dinners, formal occasions, date nights and so on. So basically we need about 50 perfumes to survive. There's such an amazing range of new and classic perfumes to choose from, even some that don't cost an arm or leg. Also, every woman has their own taste, so what I like may not be suited to someone else so make sure you know the kind of fragrances the lady already wears and use that to buy either the same, something similar or a new perfume with the same notes. 

My personal perfumery would contain:
Gucci Bloom - My #1 right now, I adore it and so do other people who smell it. 
Daisy by Marc Jacobs - A classic floral for everyday.
Tiffany Eau De Parfum by Tiffany & Co - A light scent for everyday with the cutest iconic blue box packaging.
Chanel No. 5 - A forever favourite. It has to be in my beauty cabinet at all times. Best for those more formal or date nights. 
Gucci Envy Me - A floral bouquet of wonder
Beautiful by Estée Lauder - A bit stronger, but still light enough for everyday. Perfect for your Mum. 
J'adore by Dior - Do I need to even say anything? Just beautiful. 
Miss Dior by Dior - Rosewood bliss for any occasion. 

4. Beauty

All girls need good skincare, but the trick is to invest in the good stuff. You have to spend a little extra to get the best for your skin sometimes and you don't always want to. Gifting beauty essentials to your girls will be up there on the top gifts list. *Disclaimer: make sure you know the lady's allergies or skin type before purchasing for their safety!* I'm going to give you a range from skincare to make-up that I recommend for every woman. I have quite sensitive skin, so these work for me and should be good for most!

Charlotte's Magic Cream by Charlotte Tilbury - Best £70 spent. It should last you 7-9 months, according to the lovely ladies at Selfridges, when you use the pea-size amount recommended. It's luscious and keeps you hydrated. 
Bobbi Brown Remedies - With the various types, these little bottles of oil are perfect for correction those skin imperfections. 
Glam Glow Mud Masks - They are vibrant in colour and style, but also fix your face - a win win.
L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks - I've been using these for ages now and can't recommend them more. The charcoal mask is definitely my favourite and does the trick. 
Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation - Lightweight but with good coverage, the Nars foundations never disappoint but this has to be my favourite. There's such a major range of colours, you should hopefully find something to fit yourself or the lady you're gifting to. 
Nars Creamy Concealer - The cult classic that will never not be in my make-up bag. I swear by it and cannot recommend it more. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette - I use this in multiple ways, for contour and eye shadow because I'm the laziest, but it's the best. With 6 shades, you've got a colour palette to fit your mood or occasion. 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Another swear by product. For me it's the best eyebrow pencil for a natural look. 
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams - At £5 each, you could by a basket full of colours and satisfy a girl. They are easy to wear, easy to carry and overall the best. My signature colours are London & Abu Dhabi, both nudes. 
Sleek Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighter Palette - One swipe, one hit and you'll glow for miles. That's all. 
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder - I don't know how I lived without it before, but I know I couldn't survive now.
Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder - Perfect compact for keeping in your purse to top up when the sweat sweeps through or you're feeling like you need a refresh. 

I could list more but it would go on forever. The best thing about beauty, especially with drug store buys, is that they aren't always overly expensive. You could buy a range of products, wrap them up, stick them under the tree and a lady would be over the moon. I haven't linked any of these, purely because they are easy to find and so many places have them readily available. The best places to shop for beauty are Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Cult Beauty and Boots. 

5. Jewellery

This year, gold jewellery with pearl, crystal and tortoiseshell adornments are the trend and I absolutely love it. The yesteryear, Mediterranean vibe that is taking over in the jewellery world is effortless and classic. I've found a range of pieces that will easily tie outfits together with statement. The ladies will love them and find any excuse to wear them. Click the images to shop!



Bracelets & Anklets:

Hair Accessories:

I know this was a long post and in my usual manner, I rambled on about things but I hope you find this helpful! It's a basis for how I'm shopping for my girls this Christmas and hopefully it gives you some inspiration - whether it be for someone else's wardrobe or your own. Honestly, there's so many beautiful pieces on the high street that look expensive and classy that you don't have to spend all your pennies to achieve street style superiority. 

Let me know if you grab any bits from my list and if you have anything similar that you don't mind sharing from your favourite stores!
Merry Christmas my loves and happy shopping!

Lots of love, 

Emily xx


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