Thursday 24 January 2019


Outfit: Dress - Cotton Collection // Slides - Aldo // Sunglasses - Bvlgari (similar)

Whilst some of you may be rolling around in the snow (which I'm entirely jealous of), my January has been pretty hot. Well, being in a tropical country means it's standard. 

When I'm not wearing my gym gear or pyjamas (let's face it, I don't really leave the house otherwise), I'm looking to wear something that is comfortable. I'm trying to drag myself away from the same 3 pairs of jeans I'm always wearing - so I've turned to dresses and lately, I've become a proper girl. I want to wear cute dresses all the time and I've ordered a bunch that are currently sitting at home, in England, and it's bugging me. 

But lucky for me, I went to Cotton Collection, a local store here in Colombo, and found a few pieces that I love. Along with my wide leg flowy jumpsuit (I put it on my IG story the other day and a bunch of you loved it), I found this super comfortable sundress. 

It's effortless. Chuck this on with a pair of sandals and voila, you have an outfit. You could even jazz it up with a pair of heels if you want, a pair of big earrings and your hair in a messy low bun. Black is classic and versatile so this is a piece I can wear with ease. The double dropped hem gives the dress a little bit more too so it's not a boring piece per say. 

Sundresses are so simple and perfect for hot weather like this. If you're planning a holiday somewhere warmer and you're looking to find outfits to take with you, I highly suggest a sundress or two. I've found a few you can shop on ASOS, which is the only place that had any at this time of year! Click the images to shop now. 


 Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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