Saturday 12 January 2019

The Ultimate Silk Satin Blouse Guide For Perfect Parisian Chic

Outfit: Top - Custom // Jeans - Levi's (711 Super Skinny, but they aren't on the website)

Silks and satins are all the rage right now and they are pretty much on every fashion girl's mind. The material has always been my forever favourite - first with those classic silk pyjamas that made you feel like a princess, but now its more than just material for the more intimate apparel. Silk pyjamas can be worn in the day without question, silk camisoles are no long hidden beneath your clothes, and silk slip dresses are better on show. 

The royalty of silks and satins can elevate any outfit, especially a pair of jeans. If you take your staple jeans and slip into a silk blouse, you will be fash-on or on trend or whatever you want to label it. You will have nailed Parisian chic in an instant and who wouldn't want to be a Parisian cool girl? 

One brand has deepened my love for silk blouses with just one piece - Orseund Iris. I've seen this blouse constantly on my Pinterest and dreamed about it. Then I found it on WhoWhatWear (and cried about the price tag) and thought about where I can buy similar pieces that will be effortlessly chic without a mega price tag. But if you're ready to spend your paycheck, then I've got those options too. 

I wore this silk blouse (pictured) for Christmas day and I now plan to be an outfit repeater always because I'll never get rid of it. I had this piece made, here in Sri Lanka, but I found a similar style in the exact same colour on Net-A-Porter - this Vince blouse is absolutely stunning if you're willing to fork out the dosh for it (it's on sale, but it's still a hike of a price). 

I'm focusing on blouses solely because I feel that we've all been exposed to the silk cami with lace trim, which I adore and own many of because they are forever. And the silk slip dresses are also around, but I haven't dipped into those yet - when I do, be sure to expect a post. The reason I'm talking about the blouses is because they are more versatile; you can take them from day to night and back again without being tired of them. They are worth the investment and you won't care about repeating an outfit over and over - because let's be real here, you don't buy a piece or whole outfit just to wear it once, I mean I wouldn't. 

I have hunted in my favourite places to shop for the silk and satin blouses that are timeless and will never leave your wardrobe. Their old school with a new twist edge just give you something else. These blouses are both simple yet statement and can be worn with whatever you dare.

Click the images to shop my favourite picks right now:

Be sure to check out all their pieces because everything is just *insert heart eyes emoji*
Also available on Net-A-Porter


All via Net-A-Porter





(Comes in a few colours!)

(the shirt couples in multiple colours, so buy them all and size up for the flowy fit)






I think I've shared enough options to satisfy your needs (or my own). Personally I plan on making a few more like the one I'm wearing while I'm here in Sri Lanka (I'm a sucker for the ease of custom tailoring here). However you most likely will see a few of these linked options pop up in my wardrobe or on my Instagram in the near future because look at them, they are gorgeous. If you've found some beautiful silk or satin blouses, link them in the comments below so I can broaden my choice and break my bank to feel super glam. 

Love Always, 

Emily xx

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