Sunday, 14 July 2019

The Best Sunglasses For A Round Face

Cat Eye

What I'm Wearing - Bulgari Cat Eye Sunglasses (AW18-19 Collection)

I'm not talking about those extreme cat eye styles, I'm talking about the slightly cat eyed style as I'm wearing above. I've tried on the super sharp cat eye styles before for a laugh and let me tell you, I get a true giggle because they definitely do not suit a round face. However the rounded style with a subtle cat eye point to the upper corners is a perfect combination for us circle faces.


What I'm Wearing - Ray Ban Aviators

The classic style that I find suits everyone. You can find varying sizes too now and that's always nice, so even if you have a smaller face shape, you'll find an aviator that works. Personally, I've always worn aviators - everything from Ray Ban to Quay Australia. They're easy to find and you can even invest or spend only £20 for a great pair. 


What I'm Wearing - Chanel Square Sunglasses (AW18-19 Collection)

Again, sharp edges aren't the one for us in this category. Go for the smoother rims for a better look. Try alternative styles like wayfarers too - sometimes that depends on preference and whether you like them! I've tried, they aren't my favourite of the sunnies I have but still an option.

Do you ever have trouble finding the right sunglasses for your face? I honestly feel like I struggle because I can't pull off everything. But I have these three styles, so I think that's enough. With different designs and lens tints, I've got enough choice. What sunnies are you daring to try this summer?

Lots of love, 

Emily xx


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