Wednesday 10 July 2019

Babydoll Dresses That Are Perfect For Summer

Babydoll dress are definitely one of my best friends when it comes to fashion. They are cute, floaty and can hide my tum after a good meal. We all know that food is just everything. Have you ever had those moments where you've been wearing jeans, indulged in all the good food and then want to pop the top button on your jeans for relief? It's honestly one of the best feelings and if you are trying to deny you've done it, don't. Own it. We are all guilty. 

So the alternative, to still look cute and eat a ton without the bloating guilt - babydoll dresses. Okay they aren't just for the purpose of hiding your food baby. I personally think they are perfect for this time of year. Rather than cladding yourself into jeans or shorts and sweating your life away, you can just slip into one of these little dresses and feel comfortable. 

They can be considered a very girly style, but I think it's all about how you style it. I could just as easily pair the dress with white Converse as I could strappy sandals, heeled or flat. My go-to would most likely be a pair of ballerinas as I've done here with these Mango ones. It gives the babydoll dress a stronger edge. You could even go with some killer ankle boots. Limitless, I'm telling you. 

Outfit: Dress - Pretty Little Thing // Shoes - Mango (old)

I've been wearing them forever but I feel them make a solid statement right now and I thought it's only right to dedicate a blogpost to them. Plus they are perfect for summer.

(Tip: The first dress linked is the one I'm wearing and if you plan on buying it, go a size up or two! It's a little too short so it'll give you more length and more breathing room at the top as it's a little squeeze. I got a size up, trust me it's worth it.)


Lots of love, 

Emily xx

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