Friday 21 June 2019


It's the season of events. Most likely, we all have something important to attend whether it be a wedding, a graduation, a christening, a big birthday. Weddings are definitely a big one this time of year. Once you get your invite in the post, you have to plan a look. Well at least I do. I plan looks so far in advance, it's really an issue. But sometimes that's a good thing because you don't want to end up stuck at the last minute. 

For certain events, there are rules or courtesies that you have to respect. For weddings, it's probably best to stay away from white (or ivory and creams) because you don't want to clash with the lady of the hour. If there's a theme, you should stick to it because it's most likely the bridal party have their reasons - for example, Pia Muelhenbeck & Kane Vato got married back in December and had an all nude/neutral dress code so that everyone fit the vibe of the wedding and so that the pictures look nice, a big plus. 

There's a lot to think about with big events, whether it's yours (like a graduation) or someone else's. So, I decided it would probably be best to round up some ideal looks for any big Summer events you have coming up. 

My ideal outfits would a beautiful midi dress that isn't too in your face, a two piece suit in a bold colour that compliments you or a killer jumpsuit. Styles that I've seen lately that I believe would be perfect are the Max Mara suit that I've seen Lydia Millen-Gordon in (which Zara have a dupe for!) and this Cult Gaia maxi dress that Selena Gomez wore to a wedding recently. 

Here's my picks for those formal events this season, from head to toe. 



For your footwear, go for strappy sandals this season. It's all the rage and you'll find plenty of them. Or go for a classic pair of court shoes in a height that suits you. Just make sure that you've got comfy shoes on because you'll most likely be on your feet for most of the event. A mid-high heel is probably your best bet!

 Outfit: Dress - Custom // Heels - Charles & Keith // Bag - Next (old) // Earrings - H&M (similar)

When it comes to your accessories, I think it really all depends on what you're wearing in terms of style and colour. If you're going bold, don't be afraid to bolder if you're up to it. If your outfit has a pattern, I'd suggest going for simple jewellery that uplifts your look without overpowering it - simple dainty jewellery is gorgeous. If you're wearing a bold coloured suit, go for a contrasting clutch and shoes, then a big pair of statement earrings or a ring will do the trick. If you're wearing light colours, compliment them with pearls - it's so classy. Don't worry about being monochromatic either! Basically, go where the wind takes you as long as you are comfortable. Make your own individual statement. 

I'd love to know what you steer towards for special occasions! Is there a specific look or brand that you know will always have what you're after? I'd love to know. Happy shopping and I hope you have a wonderful time whatever you're doing!

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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