Sunday 1 September 2019

The Summer Colours That Are Coming With Me To Autumn

Summer is officially over. It went by so quickly, honestly I'm rather disappointed. I did not want the season to end. Now that we are in Autumn, the hues of our wardrobe are going to start to change like the leaves on trees. Wow, corny I know. But it's true. But we don't have to give up all the colours that made a statement this past summer. There are four colours that have definitely made their splash this season and they are a wave I'm going to continue to ride out even into this season. I mean they were across the AW19 runway shows, so why not? 

Sage & Pistachio Green

Honestly, I am surprised I like this colour. I never used to. I love a strong emerald green, but sage green is definitely up there too now. It's a beautiful pastel that dominated during the AW19/20 Runway shows, but it's making it's statement early. 



Another standout from the Runway, yellow is definitely the brightener for your wardrobe. Mustard tones are the leader of the pack right now, but I do love a sunshine yellow too. It just makes perfect sense for Summer. 



A pretty girly colour for the summer that I simply love. Purple is the new pink right now. The hue is definitely romantic, perfect for a summer romance. I really don't need to say much about it because the colour is gorgeous. Also, did you see Kendall Jenner in a lilac two piece? Yeah, that's more than enough reason to wear the colour. 


Baby Blue

Blue is my favourite colour and I'll embrace all its hues. Baby blue has to be my favourite. It's both sweet and calming in tone and just looks good at any time. In the Summer, it's the reminder of the sea and sky. I truly do not have enough of this colour in my wardrobe, but oh is that about to change. 


What are the other colours you think made a statement this Summer that should stick around for the rest of the year at least? Maybe I'm missing a few that I should look into. Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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