Thursday 12 December 2019

12 Days of Christmas: The 5 Things On Every Fashion Girl's Christmas List

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Christmas is honestly the best time of year. Not just because I love it or because it's a time for family & love, or even because the world is just that little bit more magical. No, it's also the extra time (apart from our birthdays) when we get to write lists of potential gifts to ourselves. Remember when we were little and would write our never-ending lists to Santa? What a time. As we get older, we kind of hint everything we want to the people we love. 

And to be honest, I think the fashion girls are the ones with the craziest lists because every five minutes we see something new we want. Whether it's the most sought after piece or something a little less known, we'll find something extra to add to our wishlist. However, it seems that every year there's a small collection of items that everyone is after. 

Here are the 5 things on every fashion girl's Christmas list for 2019:

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Gucci Tights

These are 100% on my list, after a great deal of thinking about whether they are worth it. Conclusion: worth it. We all love a good pair of tights, especially in the winter because they are both chic and warm for our legs. Whilst we can all go about wearing our normal M&S tights, but we could also be boujee as hell and go for Gucci instead. 


                                                                                                                      VIA @LORNALUXE

The Pouch by Bottega Veneta

Okay, some people may be sick of it, some not and some desperately waiting to see if it'll appear under the Christmas tree. I don't think this bag is going anywhere anytime soon and if a girl's not got it yet, she's bound to want it. This year it became *the* iconic bag, so of course it had to be included. With all the new colours, new textures and sizes, you've got a bunch of options too. So now I probably want multiple, like the rest of the fashion girls.


                                                                                                              VIA @79HOUR 
Chunky Chain Jewellery

I'm seeing this trend everywhere and I think girls really love it. We've all had our moments with dainty jewellery, now it's time for the chunky pieces to shine. They seem to be working their way into everyday stacking - whether it be on the neck or arm, it's a style that everyone from high street to designer is releasing. These pieces pictured above are created by influencer, @josefinehj, and are perfect for Christmas gifting!


                                                                                           VIA @WALKINWONDERLAND

Amina Muaddi Shoes

The shoe brand of the year, hands down. And if there's a shoe that a girl wants right now, it's probably from Amina Muaddi. That sculptured heel, the touch of bling, where can you go wrong? They are just perfectly bold and can be worn time and time again. They are the shoes of the moment.


                                                                                                     VIA @CAROLAPOJER

ByFar Mini Bag

Single handle bags are all the rage right now. From Jacquemus to ByFar, they are taking the world by storm. And I have to say, the ByFar ones are truly making their mark. Tiny bags are super cute, sometimes impractical, yet we all want one! ByFar have the best range of colours, textures and designs so why look anywhere else?!


Which of these 5 are on your list? Or are they all up there? For me, if I could have anything it would probably be the Gucci tights & a pair of Amina Muaddi shoes. I mean, of course I would want shoes. I never not want shoes. What other pieces do you think are going to be staples on a fashion girl's Christmas list? Am I missing anything big? Let me know in the comments below. 

Lots of Love & Christmas Cheer, 

Emily xx

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