Sunday 8 December 2019

With All The (*Feather) Trimmings: The Fancy Feather Pieces For The Holiday Season

                                                                         IMAGE CREDIT: @ANNACARLAESIMONA

It's official - I've fallen in love with a trend that I didn't think I would even like. The feather trim trend. I love it. It gives a truly nostalgic vibe, very 60's that I think is so playful and sassy, it cannot be missed. Adding a little oomph to your favourite pieces, the feather trend is taking the fashion world by storm and a big handful of designers are dipping their toes into it. 

Another reason to love this trend? It's perfect for the holiday season that is about to be upon us! Wouldn't you want to show up to your Christmas or New Year parties with fun feathers? I really would. I think it's totally perfect for NYE this year - Heading into the new decade with something sassy is a big yes for me. 

Right now the brand that is totally owning the trend is 16Arlington, a UK based brand that I've seen pop up now on a few Instagram accounts, which is where I found them. I mean, just go onto their designer page on Net-A-Porter and you'll see. They have party pieces to suit everyone!

But they aren't the only ones. With the likes of Prada, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana and Attico too, you're bound to find a brand who does the best piece for you. 


Just looking at these makes me want to rock the feather trim this festive season! Don't you?

Lots of Love & Christmas Cheer, 

Emily xx



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