Friday 24 January 2020

The Best Sheet Masks For Hydration

Natural glow is the new full face. Ladies are putting more focus into their skincare than the make up they put on their face and to say I'm on board would be an understatement. I'm the captain of this ship. Taking care of your skin is truly important, whether it's protecting it from the sun, making sure it is hydrated and clean or giving it that extra boost that it needs. Pampering ourselves is a luxury we would rather spend money on now a days, as opposed to anything else. 

Whilst some products can be super pricey, there are some that come a little cheaper - face masks. I love a good face mask, whether it's a sheet, clay, charcoal or cream. Whatever it may be, I make sure I get one on my face every week. The ideal situation is whilst I'm watching a movie on a Friday or Saturday night in my pjs at home. It's just a good time at the end of the week to detoxify and get rid of any impurities.

I have a range of masks that I keep handy to cater to how my skin feels. However there's always ones I turn to for any occasion - hydration. When you skin needs that hit of refresh or a face mist isn't covering it, smacking on a hydration mask will do your skin wonders. A spare water bottle's worth for your face can never be a bad thing. 

The easiest thing for a quick fix? Sheet masks. I love sheet masks, they are so handy and don't take a lot of effort. Simply put it on your face for 10-20 minutes and you get that hit of whatever you need for your skin. I love sheet masks for hydration because you can literally feel what's going on your face from what's in the packet. I keep all my sheet masks in the fridge too for them to be super cool and refreshing. They are so easy and I usually go for a hydration sheet mask before I'm getting ready for a night out or event of some sort. I take that quarter of an hour to just relax before I get ready or put any products on my face.

Here are some of my favourite hydration sheet masks right now that are both cost effective and amazing:


Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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