Saturday 1 February 2020

What To Wear To An Asian Wedding, By A Desi Girl

Photography from my main hype woman, Mum. 

When it comes to Asian weddings, outfits are a big deal. Everything from hair to make up to accessories to the actual piece that you're wearing, it takes a good deal of prep. Anyone who hasn't gone to an Asian wedding would think the sari is your only option but it's not - there's shalwar kameez, lehengas and many others which I won't even go into naming. 

Why is this relevant? Well, I went to my first wedding of my generation. The last time I went to a wedding was when I was in my early-teens. One of my high school friends was the first of us to get married, so of course when I was invited to the wedding I was pumped. First wedding as an adult! And what came to my mind immediately? Outfit.

Also being a Desi girl (from the Indian subcontinent but lives/grows up abroad), it gives me the chance to fully embrace my Asian side.

I was going to go with a lehenga, but then I found a whole trunks worth of saris that I already had with some that have never been worn. This beautiful black number was sitting in a box and was pining to be worn, so of course I went with the colour I reach for most.

Outfit: Sari - Local Purchase // Earrings - Custom // Shoes - Charles & Keith (similar) // Bag - from Japan

When it comes to saris, they can be quite the handful, literally. You've got bolts of material draped around your body that you've got to carry around you and you have to find the right way to wear them without anything falling apart. Here's what I did differently for the first time - I (meaning my Mum) cinched in the sari and pinned it to be more like a wrap dress style, but also give me more definition and be so much easier to wear. Honestly, this made all the more difference because I didn't have too much fabric to hold onto in my arm and I didn't trip over anything.*

*though I may have got my heel caught on the back a little... (it happens okay, I'm sorry). 

I paired the black sari with a simple au-natural make up look with a pop of a red lip - Fenty Beauty of course. I pinned my hair back in a knot style bun with my short layers framing face. Full hair and make up rundown coming on the blog soon for you!

Finished off with Charles & Keith court shoes, a little blue embroidered Japanese bag for a contrast and blue bauble style drop earrings, et voila! Wedding ready. 

It was such a wonderful night to celebrate the first of my friends to get married. Oh my, I've entered that stage of my life now. We're all growing up. *screams quietly*. What's your go-to for an Asian wedding? Are you a sari girl or would you opt for another traditional look? Or even, non-traditional? Also what do you think about seeing more traditional looks on the blog. This is the first time I'm sharing something like this, so if you want to see more, let me know!

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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