Friday 27 March 2020

How To Still Have Girls (Or Guys) Night In During Self Isolation

Ahh, Friday. Another week has passed us and we made it through. For that we all deserve a round of applause – insert Emily clapping for you. I know that sitting at home isn’t hard on the surface, but when you’re not allowed to do usual things like going to work, seeing your friends and so on, it does get a little hard. But I think I’ve found a little solution to the problem.

We all love a girls night in, or even the guys too. Getting together, ordering a takeaway, watching movies, playing games and having a laugh is a great way to spend the weekend. I honestly miss that, especially when I’m halfway across the world from my girls.

Solution #1: Video calling. Facetime, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger; whatever it is that you can use to keep up with the gang, do it. It’s your other best friend right now.

Solution #2: Netflix Party. I heard about this and thought, “bloody brilliant”. Watch Netflix with your mates without actually being with your mates and simultaneously? Sign me up. All you have to do is get the Google Chrome extension, pick the movie you want to watch with the gang, link them in and voila, Netflix Party!

*I also heard of this app called “House Party” from a friend where you can video call your friends and play games like charades and cards against humanity! So that’s an extra bonus for you.

It’s like having a night in as you normally would! So set the time, grab your stocked up snacks and get the gang together. It’s such a simple thing that will keep routines going, just slightly different than usual.  

If you’re going for a Netflix Party, here are a few of my suggestions on what to watch right now, even though you’ll probably have your own anyway!

For The Girls:

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before & To All The Boys: Ps. I Still Love You
Do I even need to defend this decision? Noah Centineo as Peter K is just a dream and the addition of Jordan Fisher in the second movie is a winner too. Honestly, this one will pull at the heartstrings and is a total chick flick series.

Someone Great
Jane The Virgin fans know how good Gina Rodriguez is and this movie is the perfect one for us adults trying to figure shit out and dealing with changes in life. It’s about love, friendship and finding out who you are. I honestly loved this movie and couldn’t recommend it more for the girls round my age.

Set It Up
I love Zoey Deutch, so of course this one is going to be on my list. Deutch and her co-star Glen Powell act as two overworked assistants who decide to set their hot shot bosses up with each other in order to ease up their own lives - a fun watch.

For The Lads:

6 Underground
We all love Ryan Reynolds, so why pass this one up? In this action thriller, Reynolds stars as a tech billionaire who fakes his death to then recruit a team of international operatives/assassins to take down a dictator. Original? Yeah I’d say so.

This horror-thriller is truly original; a deaf woman living in the middle of nowhere forest cabin has to fight for her life against a masked pyscho trying to infiltrate her home. The Haunting Of Hill House’s Kate Siegel is seriously good in this one.

21 Jump Street
This is good for anyone because it’s hilarious and if you haven’t seen it before, are you living under a rock?! This one is good for the lads if you just want to have a right royal laugh.

But honestly, what do you need my suggestions for? You’ve all got Netflix and your own options probably; fight it out in your gang.

The point is get your friends together, whether they are down the street or across the world, and watch a movie, play games or just have a good old catch up. Spend time together even when you can’t. It’s so important that we try and keep each other in high spirits right now. So I hope you all have your own fun Friday night in, quite literally! Let me know what you get up to!

Sending you lots of love and hoping you’re staying safe!

Emily xx

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