Monday 30 March 2020

The Fashion & Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following

Happy Monday again everyone!

I'm coming to you with another week full of posts every day. As much as I am doing this for you all, I'm also doing it for myself and thoroughly enjoying it, therefore I hope you are too. On Friday, I put up on my Instagram Story a little question of what you would like to see on the blog and I got a few really good suggestions, so I'm taking them on. 

To start off this week, I thought I'd share with you the bloggers, influencers and creators that I believe you should follow! These are women who bring me joy every time I see their content and who really step up in the creative game. They continuously bring out content that inspires me, whilst also filling me in on all the latest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more. 

So without further ado, let's get into it. 

Lydia Elise Millen-Gordon


I absolutely love this lady right here. She is so full of positivity that it matches my own nature and I think that's why I admire her a great deal. For the past two weeks now, Lydia has put out everyday outfit posts on her blog with a little post on what she's been up to, as well as sharing those images on her Instagram, and that has been so great to see her get up everyday and get dressed in these gorgeous outfits. My favourite thing about Lydia is her YouTube channel; her vlogs are effortless, as are her sit-down videos. I just think her content is fabulous, uplifting and real and that's why she's on this list. Also, she has a stunning house that is such a dream to look at. Oh, extra bonus: she joined TikTok as well and I love what she's bringing to the table there. Special mention for Lydia's husband, Ali, who is a creative whiz as well! His content is mad; check him out here on Instagram!

InTheFrow - Victoria Magrath


When it comes to creativity with content, Victoria knows what she's doing and with the help of her husband, Alex, they are absolutely killing it. Victoria is the blog aficionado, bringing out content regularly about everything from fashion to beauty to lifestyle and more. Her posts are informed as well as a personal and are great to read. The images and video content that she shares has me inspired constantly! The videography pieces that she comes out with are so incredibly smart and beautiful that it makes me want to be half the creator she is. Plus her sunshine personality is so wonderful to take in. Victoria is also one of those YouTubers that I watch without fail. I think my favourite thing that Victoria is doing right now, and that might be because quarantine life has resulted in everyone doing this, is TikTok: I love that she initially said she'd be keeping it very fashion & beauty focused, but now she's jumped into the dance trends and it's honestly so fun and sweet. She's killing it. InTheFrow as a name and brand has become so successful too that Victoria even has a book out, "The New Fashion Rules", that is a must read for anyone who is in the industry. 

Negin Mirsalehi


Influencer, blogger & Gisou Haircare founder, Negin is a dream. Literally, she's so gorgeous. If anything pulls you into follow her, it's going to be the fact that her fair is so nice that you're going to want to know how it gets that way - and it's by her own brand. Another positive personality that you should have on your feed because Negin is not afraid to be herself and have fun, whether it's through regular Instagram images and videos or TikTok videos. Negin is also a YouTuber too and puts out regular videos on fashion, beauty & lifestyle, but also on her insights into the business world which is so beneficial if you want to start your own brand one day or if you want to know more about what it takes to be in the fashion & beauty industry. I truly just love her fashion sense too, so that's the main reason. 

Leonie Hanne


If you want to know anything to do with the latest fashion, whether it's in stores or on the runway, Leonie is the girl to follow. I swear she is at every show you want to see during Fashion Weeks, her wardrobe is full of all the newest and most-lusted after pieces and she too is a fun, positive personality. When I see her content on my feed, I'm instantly uplifted. I don't even need to say much else about Leonie if I'm honest. She is the insider that knows what you need to know and shares constantly. Even though Leonie has her blog, I think her Instagram is the best place to keep posted on her!

Patricia Bright


Here's what I love about Patricia - she's such a boss woman. Not only is she an influencer and YouTuber, she is a mum too. She literally does it all. When Patricia isn't running her beauty & fashion focused YouTube channel, she's on her new one; The Break Platform, which literally gives you all the insider knowledge you need to run a business, by a home, invest, manage your money and more. It's basically a how-to channel for life. If I want to know anything about business now, Patricia is my first point of contact because of her honesty, transparency and informative delivery. She's so natural and absolutely hilarious that you can't not follow her

Frassy Audrey - Audrey Leighton


This woman is everything I want to be when I grow up. She's an incredible creator, writer and photographer with this uniquely beautiful eye, she's a business owner with her brand, Audrey Leighton Vintage, but also she is so true to herself, honest and uplifting. Audrey constantly reminds me to love myself first and never be afraid to be who I am. Her Instagram captions are stories that inspire. She is so incredibly different in this online space and as one of my favourite people online, I couldn't miss her off of my list. I won't say much more, other than to go and follow her to see what I mean.

Desi Perkins


Everything about Desi I love. She's absolutely stunning first off, but she's also so fun. I think she's my favourite beauty influencer; her Halloween looks are what I look forward to when that time of year comes around because they are unlike anything. Her Youtube channel is the place for it, which I definitely think you should check it out! Desi is a sassy, beautiful Latina with an amazing fashion sense - as well as Steven and her three dogs that are too cute. Oh and Tia, never forget Tia. 

Lorna Luxe


Another woman that I love is Lorna. She is just on it when it comes to fashion. She works primarily through her Instagram, sharing images on daily basis and keeping us up to date on her beauty routines via her IG Stories. Lorna is another effortless character with a positive personality that you should have on your feed. Her fashion sense is everything, literally, and her own clothing range with InTheStyle is so good that you'll want everything she creates. Just see it for yourself. 

WeWoreWhat - Danielle Bernstein


One of the OG bloggers/influencers is hands down Danielle Bernstein. Reigning from NYC, Danielle gave streetstyle blogging it's origins. From taking pictures of herself and others in New York, she's grown to be one of the biggest influencers. She's constantly at fashion shows or boutique showings, she works exclusively with so many incredible brands, she's even got her own brands; ShopWeWoreWhat for her swim & overalls lines, the newly created Danielle Bernstein line for Macy's and MOE Assist - the project management tool for influencers. She's a game changer for the industry in so many ways. She also is an investor and soon to be author, with her debut book "This Is Not A Fashion Story" coming out in May. Danielle is constantly posting looks on her Instagram multiple times a day that are a mix of designer and high street, as well as introducing a lot of brands I've not heard of but grow to love. If you're not following her already, then you need to immediately. 

So here's just a few influencers off the top of my head that I think are perfect people to follow if you're interested in fashion, beauty and lifestyle (which I hope you are if you've ended up on this blog). These women truly inspire me constantly. But I'm not limited to these women alone, which is why I'll be updating this post from time to time with more people who inspire me creatively! So keep an eye out for more, and I too will share the link again and again on my Instagram if you're interested. Who are you following that you would suggest? I'd love to know who is on your feeds or who's blog you read or who's YouTube you watch without fail and why! Let me know in the comments below. 

Sending you lots of love and hoping you're staying safe. 

Emily xx



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