Wednesday 1 April 2020

How To Have Fun During Social Distancing

 A throwback photo because we are living in PJs and no make up - just a regular day in our household...

It’s already April. Can you believe it? This year is going so fast, which in a way is kind of a good thing since, let’s be honest, thus far it’s been rather shit. I’m one for positivity and seeing the light in everything, but 2020 hasn’t been the kindest so far. I think for me personally the upside of this year is my more determined dedication to write on this blog.

April 1st marks April Fool’s Day; a day for pulling pranks and having a right royal laugh. In a time like this, we need all the happiness and laughter we can get. I'm lucky to have myself a crazy family that continuously has a laugh day in, day out. We're a family that pull pranks, scare the crap out of each other, take the mick out of each other; you name it in terms of fun, we're that family. Now I’m not going to give you prank tips because I’m usually the one to be pranked, apart from that time I absolutely killed it in school by crying on demand and freaking out my friend, Upandha, with the most ridiculous story. However, I am going to give you as many ideas as I can for you to generate fun, not just for today but for however long this social distancing situation is going to continue.

I’ll start with the obvious…

TIKTOK – the app that is singlehandedly taking the world by storm. Now I originally thought this was going to be more of a kids thing, but I’m a big kid anyway so I joined it and started posting (very rarely). But I’ve noticed over time more and more people are joining it because it is just so much fun. Whether you’re learning one of the typical dances or acting out scenes from movies or shows, whatever it might be, you can do it on there. I’ve seen more celebrities join it and influencers. The level of creativity on TikTok is advancing every day and it honestly astounds me. Anything goes on this app. So go do whatever you want – film yourself doing whatever you want, grab your family or your friends (if you’re self isolating with them) and have some fun!

Heads Up! – The game that Ellen DeGeneres created and keeps Mum, Olly and I in fits of laughter in the evening. Our now every evening routine is to sit outside in the garden as the sun sets and play it. We yell at each other, laugh far too much and miss out on the easiest of names at times. It truly is such a laugh for it. There’s so many different card packs to choose from and guess – there’s music, movies, pop culture, famous people even ones like Friends, Harry Potter and The Avengers. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, then go for it.

Puzzles & Mind Games – My mum has taken to finding little videos of weird mind games, puzzles or tricks we have to figure out and that’s been interesting. There’s one where you have a few glasses, some with water some without and you have one move to make sure there is water in another glass. Then there’s one where she put a 100 rupee note under a glass bottle and said if we can get it without lifting the bottle, it’s ours. There’s some random things that my Mum finds, but again it’s something to do and is a laugh. So Google or Instagram or TikTok search it! You’ll find loads of random tricks to do with the family.

Board games – Family night is about to be every night, so grab all your board games and have yourselves some fun. Our game choice is Monopoly and let me tell you, it gets heated. When you have a household of hot head competitors and gloaters, it can be a real test. Even if you don’t have board games, you might just have a pack of cards and we all know plenty of games we can play with that.

 House Party ­– I haven’t actually tried this one, but a friend has told me about this and I’m eager to try it out. When you can’t be with your friends face-to-face and play games, then why not make it a Facetime-esque situation with games embedded into the app. So when you’re all texting on the group chat that you’re bored, you’ll have a new solution.

These are just a few things off the top of my head, but there’s probably plenty more! What have you all been doing to keep the fun spirits up? Let me know in the comments below because I’d love to add more to my list. Also, if you’ve played any good pranks today, let me know too because they always crack me up – video evidence is encouraged.

Sending you lots of love, joy and hoping you’re staying safe!

Emily xx

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