Monday 6 April 2020

Lockdown Life Diaries: The Little Positive Changes I'm Making

Outfit: Top - Zara (old but here's a similar)/ Leggings - Primark

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a good weekend and stayed safe.

I think I must be heading into week 6 of self isolation and week 4 of government mandated lockdown – I think the last time we were actually allowed out to break curfew was on the 24th of March and the curfew was imposed the week before that. I don’t know, honestly I’m losing track.

I went through a bit of a slump at the end of last week; I think it was all getting a bit much and I honestly thought I was overreacting because I’m lucky to be in the place that I’m in and have the family I have. However, it’s not easy when routines break, not for anyone. Being able to go outside or to work or even to the shops are little luxuries that we normally take for granted and are now pining for. I’ve probably said that before, but I’ll say it again.

With that being said, I do want to remind you to please try and keep your spirits as high as you can. Make sure your mental health is in check because whilst this is nothing like going to war or something far worse, this is something none of us have been prepared for. This is not normal in the slightest and even the most resilient of minds can feel low at this time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, please talk to someone that you feel comfortable with and let out all those emotions; it’s the healthiest option.

As I sat down to write my to-do lists for the week last night, I decided to make add in things that would make me a little happier. I’ve made it my goal to start drawing more, read some new books, write more, learn new skills or develop ones, make time for mediation and even for religion. As it’s Easter Week as well, I thought it would be nice to take time to read Bible passages and psalms. I’ve added things in that will keep me calm but also move my routine from being mundane to a little more interesting.

Take the time to brainstorm all the things you’ve been wanting to do and just go ahead and do them. You’ve got time to! If you’ve got the resources as well, then all the more reason.

I also started my day with a kickass workout – and yes, I truly kicked my own ass. I tried out Caro Daur’s HIIT Full Body Workout that she shared on YouTube last night, and let me tell you it was a task. I also got some boxing in, thanks to the fact that I have a punching bag in my house that needed some attention. I ended off the workout with Sarah Beth’s Weightloss Beginner’s Yoga for a good stretch.

I absolutely sweat my butt off so I proceeded to take a good shower, wash my hair and put in some coconut oil to nourish my hair. And I actually got a little bit more dressed today; I thought I would ditch the leggings, but I didn’t, however I did put a nicer top on for a change. I think it’s important for your mind to not always be in sweats – take the time to get a little dressed here and there, it’ll do you some good. I’ve even moved myself outside to the garden with the dogs for a change of scenery (as opposed to the inside of my house) and for fresh air.

It’s the little changes that will make the difference at a time like this. So do the things that make you happy and keep doing them!

Right, I’m going to shut up now, drink my cuppa and do some drawing.

Sending you lots of love and hoping you’re staying safe!

Emily xx

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