Friday 1 May 2020

What I’ve Put On My Spring Summer Wishlist That I Cannot Wait To Shop

Some of us are still shopping right now, some of us aren't. I haven't and not solely because of lockdown life, it's just very hard to get things shipped properly to Sri Lanka. And that's not to say others can't get their stuff, but I've had a few instances where my things have got lost in the post - yay. I remember once I ordered a book, the package had been opened and there were scribbles in the book and pages turned down. Basically someone got a good read out of the book before I did. This was a few years ago, so things might have changed but here I am, still not shipping to Sri Lanka. 

So I've been online window shopping and Instagram scrolling. What has amounted from this is a big long wishlist. I thought it would be a perfect idea to show you the things that I'm buying myself for Spring Summer 2020 or whenever all this over. And it's not to say you can't shop them now, however I'm putting it off until I get back to London. 

Scroll down to see what's on my wishlist!

The Frankie Shop Shoulder Padded T-shirt

                                                      IMAGE CREDIT: @THEFRANKIESHOP/@ANDYHEART

I know that every fashion girl has this top and that would normally put me off, but it hasn’t. Why? Because this T-shirt looks like the ideal versatile piece for a girl’s wardrobe with the statement of shoulder pads. I personally want to buy it in all the colours they have because I know it’s one of those pieces that I will get ultimate cost-per-wear out of. I can wear it with jeans, trousers, skirts, layered and so on. A must buy.



                                              IMAGE CREDIT: @STYLESTRUCTURE

Good Lord, I need to up my blazer game. Now I can’t really wear them in Colombo because it’s too damn hot for that, but when I’m back in London, I will need a blazer for every occasion, in every style and colour. I have loved seeing the fashion girls of the world in their loungewear and topping it up with a blazer for a put together look – even if it’s just for an Instagram photo. So yeah, I need some new blazers. I miss them.


Smocked/Ruched Dresses

                                                     IMAGE CREDIT: @LYDIAMILLEN 
So easy, so comfy and perfect for these Spring Summer months as the weather gets warmer. Their simplicity allows for them to be dressed in anyway that you want, whether it’s to chill out at home or for the perfect day look. I want to wear one with a cute pair of sandals, some statement jewellery and head down to the beach.



                                           IMAGE CREDIT: @MATILDADJERF

Now I’ve actually wanted to invest in Skims since KKW announced her brand. I still haven’t bought any and right now, during this lockdown, I’m kicking myself for not having done so; purely because her comfy collection would be ideal. But I also really love the look of her rib knit pieces that are more than just fancy undies or loungewear. Plus, if anyone is going to do shapewear right, it’s Kim Kardashian West. The woman looks like she was carved from the Gods themselves and yet she still wear shapewear.


The Zara Bodysuit

                                   IMAGE CREDIT: @KRISTENMARIENICHOLS

I’m not one for bodysuits and it’s purely because I don’t think they suit me. But I’m chucking that idea out of the window and giving in to bodysuits, specifically the infamous Zara one. I have heard rave reviews about them, however it wouldn’t even matter because everything I’ve bought from Zara has never failed me. It’s on the similar wave of The Frankie Shop tee – these bodysuits are versatile and can be layered underneath clothes. I’ll get the wear out of them and as I’ve learned over the last year or so, I’m now 100% a cost-per-wear girl.


What is on your wishlist right now? What are you thinking you want to purchase first as soon as this is over? Are you going to invest in more sweats or are you going to shove your sweats in a draw and not see them for a while after? Let me know.

Sending you lots of love and hoping you're staying safe!

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx

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