Monday 7 September 2020

The New Normal Of Fashion Month Could Lead To New Takes On Runway Shows

                                                                                                     IMAGE CREDIT: JULIA MARINO

You've probably heard it enough and more this year alone, but COVID-19 has definitely had an impact so strong that pretty much everything in our daily lives has changed. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations, procedures vary and in some places things are moving into a "new normal"; schools are reopening, people are returning to work and so on, all under social distancing protocols. 

September is a big month for fashion with the showcasing of Spring Summer collections of the year to come. Many people spend their whole month travelling from New York to London, Milan to Paris, spending their days on the frow and nights at after parties, mingling with the fashion elite and taking in all the latest designs whilst wearing the designer. 

But this year, that is going to be a very different experience and now we might all be able to be on the frow. 

Fashion weeks have been confirmed with the majority of shows being showcased virtually and  some physical attendance allowed. The question is, does this new normal of fashion presentation pave a new way for unique and interesting shows that are not just on the runway?

We have already had a taste over the last few months of how virtual runways are going to operate and what opportunities they present with brands showcasing their distinctive style.


Prada already presented their Spring Summer 2021 Menswear collection virtually through the use of sound stages, photography and variation in space. Keeping in tune with the brand's signature style, the virtual show allowed for showcasing through multiple perspectives from multiple creatives in five chapters to present those different visions, which gave the show a unique edge. 

View the full collection here.


                                                                                             IMAGE CREDIT: JACQUEMUS

In true Jacquemus style, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus did not disappoint with an ethereal show that took place in the middle of a field again. This time, Jacquemus took to a wheat field with a runway weaving through the strands. This show differed from Prada's because it was a physical show and had attendees, who sat in singular cut out places between the wheat sheafs for social distancing and wore masks. But in any case, the show was still broadcast online for the world to see, and boy did they see it, yet it also allowed for the designer to continue his brand's vision, without compromising anything. 

View the full collection here.



For their Autumn Winter 2020-2021 Haute Couture collection, Dior went digital and created a film that highlighted the intricacy of design on miniature dresses which then led in to "Le Mythe Dior", the core of the film that presents two bell boys presenting the dresses to mythical inspired women in a forest, that screams beautiful fairytale. Even the collection images showed the intricate pieces displayed on mannequins with monochrome abstract backgrounds that gave it a truly "art in a gallery" finish. It was a truly artistic vision and direction that gave new life to collection showcasing.

View the full collection here.


What does this mean for the upcoming shows this fashion month, especially the major weeks beginning with New York on September 13th? 

Many shows will be digitally displayed through streaming and social media, whilst some are still set for physical runways that adhere to local government health and safety guidelines. Across the board in the four major fashion capitals, shows will be virtually presented with some shows being both live in-person and digital for all to watch. Burberry made the statement that they will be having a physical show on September 17th, that will also be available to watch online.

With this move to digital showcasing, not only does this open up the possibility for fashion lovers across the world to attend the shows from the comfort of their home, but it also allows for a new level of creativity. If designers like Prada and Dior are moving towards a more artistic and film like presentation style, does this mean that other designers will follow suit and give Fashion Weeks and Runways a new refreshing spin?

As one of the biggest months of the fashion calendar begins, we can only hope that the new normal for the fashion world brings with it new direction for a truly unique front row experience. 



  1. You are not alone in wondering what lies ahead for NYFW and all of the other fashion weeks to come in AW2020 and SS2021. Another fashion blogger pointed out that while much of the couture remains similar for runway vs. virtual, the models' makeup is more likely to be different. While the audience for the film like presentation styles may be wider, I suspect the professional photography of the runway shows and behind the scenes that was done by fellow fashionistas in person would be almost impossible to match virtually.

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