Friday 12 March 2021

Family vs Institution: Racism & Mental Health Pushed Behind Image of the Royal Family | GUEST EDIT by Waruni Smith

For the first time ever, I am bringing in a guest editor and of course I couldn't start a guest editing series without beginning with the lady who has taught me everything I know; Mrs Waruni Smith. If you don't know my mum, she's a passionate, caring, sarcastic, kind and loving human being. She gives the best advice and gives her whole life to my brother and I. I'm so excited to have her write a post for Seventeen James. I hope you enjoy it!

~ Emily ~

Guest Edit by Waruni Smith

When my daughter asked me to write a post for her blog, I was surprised and honoured at the same time, puzzled about what I was going to write. This week been a eventful one. The interview with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has got the world talking...

Racism and mental health have been the main topics of focus. The world was so shocked to know the Royal Family, the biggest and oldest institution in Britain and the head of state for 54 Commonwealth countries around the world, was unable to recognise and support the members inside their own institution. However at the heart of all this is a family, as the media and the news outlets continue to reiterate. And I do agree. But my confusion is that this family (with the  Queen’s statement pointing out that "this is a family matter") is one that is choosing to ignore and to not recognise the problem; that the 2 members that left, were given a 12 month transition period and then stripped of all their patronages. Yet you are quick to tell the world that you didn’t know that racism was present and that “recollections may vary". And that you didn’t know how challenging the last few years had been for the couple? 

I’m sorry that you felt that way because the whole world was watching and for the rest of us, recollections may vary. 

As a Family you failed to protect your grandson, son, brother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, but most of all your great grandson, grandson and your nephew. They are much loved members of your family. Family don’t do this to each other. 

Though l sympathise with 94 year old Queen I blame her for not protecting her grandson who gave his life to protect our county but she instead went great lengths to protect her alleged paedophile son, Andrew. 

I, as a mother, would never let my children go through this kind of pain, regardless of whatever they have done. I would never put my children against each other. To me family is a unit; we have our ups and downs but we will protect each other no matter what. 

So the point that I’m making is if the institution is falling to protect its own, why are we so supportive of it? Do you think that it will protect us? 

Being focused on fame and popularity has made the Royals forget the route of humanity. We as a country have watched a woman of colour get bullied. We have seen a soldier that protected our country have his protection removed. Yet we rush to protect a institution that failing to make impactful progress and relate to the world that we are living in right now. Whilst it says a great deal about them, it also show us how naive we are as a society.

When the foundation has cracks, the empire will collapse.


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