Friday 11 June 2021

The Designer Rings That Are Worth The Forever Investment

Investment is definitely the buzzword of the moment. Whether we're investing in stocks, a home, time, energy or even in our fashion. Having forever pieces in our wardrobes, getting the cost-per-wear out of something are becoming the primary reason in the pros and cons list when we are making big purchases. Why? Because designer pieces are costly and we want to make smart decisions. 

A fashion item that I believe is worth the investment and that will always keep its value is jewellery; it can be worn over and over again and can be passed down in the future. We all love a little bit of jewellery as it instantly elevates an outfit and can hold sentiment and memories. Whilst we wouldn't mind someone else buying it for us, we should be buying them for ourselves. If there's a motto I continue to live by, it's treat yourself.

There are some really beautiful, classic pieces from some of your favourite designer jewellers that are perfect for everyday wear. From bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, there is something for everyone.

For me specifically, I love to have multiple rings (my bracelet and watch stack is pending). There are four that I wear on a regular basis and I think I'll wear them forever. 

My tiny baby heart "E" ring that I wear on my pink is one of my first pieces of jewellery ever; it's one of the pieces my parents bought after I was born. My mum had kept it after I grew out of it and for a few years now I've been wearing it as a pinky midi ring because it doesn't fit any wear else, haha. But it's such a memorable, beautiful piece I couldn't let it go. 

My second ring is my Tiffany & Co Elsa Perreti Open Heart ring, which was my 13th birthday present from my family. Ugh, I love that ring so much, I want to buy the gold version just so i have both. It's such a beautifully simple and unique piece that is still a talking point.

My third is my double infinity custom ring from my 18th birthday. My parents made me a full set in white gold with diamonds and it's one of the most beautiful sets I own. If there's one piece from it I wear the most, it's my ring. I just adore it and it makes me think of my Mum and how we came to the whole double infinity love thing between us. 

My final ring is my Cartier Love band that I bought myself. I absolutely love this ring. I actually first fell in love with the bangle (I still love it) but there was something about the ring that stood out more. And now it sits proudly in my ring set everyday and I love it. It also is one of the reasons I began mixing my golds. I never thought to before but this ring in particular changed that. 

All these pieces hold sentimental value and every time I wear these pieces, which is almost everyday, as I put them on memories come to me. I just think that having accessories like jewellery, or rings specifically, are more than just what they are. They hold something. 

So here's a few of my favourite rings that are worth the investment:


What rings or jewellery in your collection that are your everyday go-tos or hold sentimental value! Let me know in the comments below. Also, tell me what other recommendations would you give me for investment jewellery. I'd love to know. 

Hoping you're all safe and well. Sending you lots of love, 

Emily xx


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