Monday 1 November 2021

Why is Green The Colour of The Moment?

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Colours always get their centre stage moment, dominating the fashion world from top to tail. There are definitely a few colours making the rounds right now, but there's one that I feel is catching my eye more than ever; green. 

I have been seeing a lot more green across the aspects of the wardrobe and it got me thinking about how powerful this colour can be. 

Green is related to many things: nature, neutrality, tranquility, energy, money, luck, envy, jealousy and so on. It definitely goes across the spectrum of emotive response but for me, and possibly for others right now, it's a colour that emotes positivity especially in the form of luck. 

When we think of luck, one of the things we think of is a four leaf clover. There are alternative options for lucky charms that are individual to everyone, but green definitely does make itself present there. Green is also linked to money and I think it makes perfect sense because there's an opulence with the colour; especially when you see rich greens, such as emerald. 

Emeralds represent spiritual awareness, protection, love and wisdom. Peridots signify compassion, harmony, peace, similar to green sapphire and jade which are linked with tranquility. These colours, or more so their stones, definitely generate positive energy and making it understandable as to why these colours are used in high fashion jewellery and clothing. 

The reason why I believe this colour is having a moment in the fashion sphere is because we're all looking to embrace the bold but also to feel through what we wear. As colours have strong meanings, I believe that we subconsciously attract ourselves to certain colours to cultivate a mood and feel. 

With green being so linked to luck, money and peace, it makes complete sense why we are leaning towards it more. Something I have realised lately, especially in my close circle, is that everyone is working on themselves; making the decisions, moulding the path to lead to their dream lives and making their energy strong and self-serving. I love that energy and I need more of it for myself. Working on your own energy is so important and I feel that having a colour like green around you or on you regularly works as an extra boost.

Personally I think the best way to have a colour you feel you connect to with you constantly is through jewellery, especially timeless forever pieces. I also think that having green pieces in your wardrobe in rich fabrics is also a beautiful way of bring this energy into your life. I'm talking opulent stones, silks and satins. I've shared below a few green centric pieces for you to shop if you're looking to add more green into your life. Click the images to shop. 


What do you think of green as the colour of the moment? Is it for you or is there another colour that you have gravitated towards lately? I definitely think I have about three colours I'm drawn to right now including green, so I'd love to know how you're feeling right now! Let me know in the comments below. 

I hope you're all staying safe and well. 

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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