Sunday 28 November 2021

Ready For Dinner, Dressed For Bed: Why The Pyjama Trend Is The Perfect One

Outfit: Pyjamas - Custom / Heels - Tony Bianco / Bag - Aldo

If there's a style for me that will never die out, that will be in my wardrobe forever, it would be the pyjama trend. There's something utterly comforting about being able to wear fancy silk pyjamas out of my house. 

If you've been following me for a while, you will know that comfort is key for me and what's more comfortable than pyjamas? Nothing. What's more, the pyjamas I'm talking about are those classic piped ones. The epitome of boujee pyjamas are silk piped ones and over the years they have become more than a statement for the bedroom, but for the streets too. 

I don't believe its possible to class up any other style of pyjama enough that you could wear it for dinner. I mean you could, but it wouldn't be as effortless as doing so with silk pyjamas.

This particular style is one that I have been wearing for years and I've never shied away from. Recently, I've decided to tailor more of these sets for my wardrobe in various colours because if there's anything I strive for in my clothing, it's comfort. I would rather be utterly comfortable than be restricted and anxious the whole time I'm wearing an outfit. 

Pyjamas for me are one of those easy outfits for when I'm feeling either my best or worst. I could wear them casual with sneakers or dress them up with heels. For me, there's nothing more too it than that because you have an outfit put together so easily. 

Yesterday when Mum decided she wanted to take us for a surprise dinner, it took less than a minute to decide what to wear - I instantly was going for a pyjama set. They feel wonderful to be in and still look elegant. 

I wore this chocolate brown pair with a light pink trim, which I hadn't worn yet but since we had them made I've been dying to find an occasion for them. Paired with my classic Tony Bianco mules and Aldo bag, it was the easiest outfit that made me feel good. 

With Christmas round the corner, I think pyjamas are the perfect choice for any smart-casual event. Wearing a festive coloured piped pyjama this season is not only fun and comfortable, but for some reason feels utterly fitting for this time of year. 

So will you be wearing your pyjamas out this Christmas and beyond?

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Hoping you're all staying safe and well! Lots of love, 

Emily xx


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